Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New arrival in my life

The new arrival is non-than my Power wheel chair, one of the expected in this year, but it’s so happy that I got it soon. Its special thing was independent move on my own to rooms, to streets and all places with out any help from my parents. This chair was very comfortable with much facilities to expand and simplify adjustable for short entries; the chair with full foldable frame to carry anywhere.

This wheel chair was specially designed for muscular dystrophy patients. Chair was operated my Multi Direction Joystick (PG controller) with Multi-speed, of 8 to 9kmph and 1.5 hours non-stop run. 2 rear wheels with limited size helps to ride on contours paths with its safe Electronic Circuit Braking. The chair was cost 1450$. This Callidai Motor is the first company to design the power wheel chairs in India. This kind person Bathbanaban who is also a differently able was very careful about my comforts and make note to satisfied what ever we need. On this company I did a search and found it was by this couple (I don’t know they were the founders of this company when they enquire about my use of Power chair) whom very cares about the differently able and there require. They think from the differently able and come to fulfill their wishes.

Its long drive dream for me to move on my own, now I feel happy that I brought it. Riding on it was enjoyable, and the evenings are prefect for me to go out a ride with the chair in our nearest streets every day with my mom, because she fears to leave me alone. Except the ride the daily walking on caliper was also going. I also have plans to visit my favorite places in and around city special to my nearest beaches in the weekends and more are in my list, which I can move freely with my Power chair. And i too brought first payment for my Desk Top Works to Kalakshetra Publication



Nirek said...

wow! rendu good news in one post!
Congrats for ur first paycheque for ur work! and this chair is looking great.

priya said...

Jeev: Congrats on your first pay cheque. I know how it feels, full of excitement and thrill huh. Way to go and I am happy for you.

Glad you can have fun going out your own and enjoy few things you wanna do.

{The chair was cost 1450$}- You never told us, if not we cud have helped you a little bit right.

My days(Gops) said...

congrats jeevan....

first pay cheque'a.....
appppa treat undu ....:))

//Power wheel chair//
idhukum congrats jeeevan.... inimel neenga happy'a ninaicha idathuku pogalam... :))

btw, main road'la pogum bodhu paaarthu ponga... ok?

Ghost Particle said...

brother...this is so nice to hear. Its always a high point when someone tries and never gives up. With all this changes, and new things in your life, I wish you all the best for the future. May you achieve more, do more, and see all the places you want to see.

Hugs bro.

starry nights said...

Jeevan congratulations on all the firsts.I am glad you have a good power w/c.It is nice to be able to go out in the evenings.I hope you can do a lot more traveling with it also.take care jeevan and I wish you only the best.

Syam said...

Great news Jeevan....congratulations for your first pay check and the sophisticated wheel chair...hope you are having fun....GOOD LUCK and Take care :-)

Keshi said...

and now u can just cruise :) Great to hear this mate.


tulipspeaks said...

hey.. got pay cheque? thats great!! and im glad u got to move around with ease. its always best when we got to do things on our own isnt it? :)



Jeevan said...

Nirek – Thank you friend!! it has my fav black color and another reason to get back is it won’t attend so easily by others.

Priya – Thanks priya! The pay cheque is nothing special for me, only I feel happy that I could work some think useful. That’s very thrill to go out on my own and It’s also like my shy mind out:). it’s a big amount only, but we can adjust it priya. Your claim to share a little on it shows how kind you r. Thanks pa.

Gops – Thank you friend:) enn treatnu sollunga kuduthuduvom… sure with you advice I will go everywhere carefully.

GP – some of my relative said why are u doing this work, with out any use for u (no money), but I dint mind it and hopped its useful to me or not, sure it will be useful for others (now I got pay cheque for my work). Thank you nanba for all ur wishes. With all ur encouragements sure I will do my best.

Starry – Thank u dear! With your wishes I will do more works with this chair and use it properly. Out in the evening is so great.

Syam – Thank you. I am having fun:)

Keshi – Thanks dear. will enjoy with this ride around…

Amutha – Thank you mate:) Ur right, we can feel independent and to spend times on our own.

Ian Murphy said...

Hello Jeevan, your blog showed up in a google alert I have setup. Congratulations on the new chair.

I noticed that your 'about me' section contains quite a few grammatical errors so I thought I'd send you a corrected version:

I was born and brought up in Chennai (Adyar). I completed school until 5th in Bharath Senior Secondary, and from 6th in Saraswathi Venkatraman Matric. I was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy when I was 8 years old. It’s a problem of loosing muscle strength, I can only walk using callipers and in recent times I have had to start using a wheel chair. For me there is nothing greater than the love of my Parents. I like playing and watching the kids, I love to spent times with my cousins, they are very sweet and supportive for me. I try to be honest with others and myself. The Biggest gift for me is .... the Friends whom I got through blogging. I enjoy the chill climate, like to live in a drizzly place with beautiful nature. I am very proud to have been born in India!!

Anonymous said...

Jeevvvvvzzz...datz a gr8t news..i m happy 4 u, praying 4 u..and god bless u mate..u r a special person...

Anonymous said...

very happy to hear about yr power wheel chair. Always god bless u jeevan..

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!
I can only say: I'm soo happy because you are happy!
Few years ago this kind of wheel chair
was my dream.
I love this quotation,
and I dedicate it for you:

"But those who trust in the Lord will recive new strenght.
They will fly as high as eagles.
They will run and not get tired.
They will walk and not grow weak".
(Isaiah 40:31)

I wish you many blessing great experieaces.
Peace Love Happiness to you Jeevan!

IBH said...

heyyy thambi eppadi iruke? sorry pa...rombha nala nan ennoda blog a kandukkave illa :)

heyyy great news about the chair....greater news is that you are liking it :)

Shiva said...

Jeevan, That's wonderful news and nice to know that you have already drafted plans to visit lot of places. Thumps Up for the Pay Cheque!

Jeevan said...

Ian Murphy – Thanks for correcting about me section!!

Thooya – Thanks dear Friend:) let all of us be happy!

Anonymous – Thank for your wishes:)

Krystyna – those are encouraging words dear! Thanks for sharing the happiness:) I wish u too.

IBH – hello sis! Hope u r doing well and happy living with ur child. Thanks for coming:)

Shiva – Cheers mate! Thank u.

Anand Prabhu said...

Great news jeevan :).. I am soo happy for you... Wish you do more and more beautiful works....

Anonymous said...

I found Ur blog last week when i was searching for something in google. I forgot about the thing I searched for and got involved in your blog.
From that time daily i was visiting ur blog atleast once.
You are doing a gr8 job. Happy for u for getting ur first pay cheque and congrats too,..
I feel u can do more better. You have the talent and I pray GOD that ur wish of meeting our good president shud happen soon.

Enaku bahrathiar kavithaigalna romba pidikumga,.. "endhai bharathi" yoda oru kavithaiyoda oru kavidhai ungalukaga.

Thedi choru nidham thindru
pala china chiru kadaigal pesi
manam vadi thunba miga ulandru
pirar vada pala seyalgal purindhu
narai kudi kila paruvam eidhi
kodungutruku iraiyena pin mayum pala vedikai manidharai pole
nan vilven endru ne ninaithayo,..

Mahakaviyoda indha kavidhaiya padikum podhu ellam namalum edhavudhu sadhikanumnu veri varum,..
nan sadhikarano illayo ana kandipa nenga sadipeenganu nambikai iruku,..
improve your skills and start Jeevan's Magazine soon.

Maberum sabaihalil ne nadandhal unaku malaihal vila vendum nu ellam valla eraivinadam ketu kolhiren.

All the best


Jeevan said...

Anand prabu – Thanks for you visit friend:) with ur wishes!

Sister (anonymous) – Thanks for being here to encourage me with you kind words:) Bahrathiar’s kavithai romba nalla irunthathu… ungal nambikkai veen poga kudathu endru naanum vandikolkeran. I have just done only Jeevan’s magazine covers sometimes… let’s see. Can I know my sister name?:)

Anonymous said...

hi Thambi,
en peyar Mani.
I will be there to motivate u.
Keep learning something new.
U will become a big achiever one day.

happy weekend.

balar said...

Hi Jeevan,
I got here through Sree's blog..You have very useful informaion in your blog..

Congratulations for your Job and your new wheel chair...Good luck man..

Keep up the great work..

Jeevan said...

Balar – Welcome here:) Thanks so much! Sure will do it. Happy Sunday!!

SKM said...

wow!wow!congrats jeev. Sorry for not visiting you for days.Are those roads in our place convenient for you to drive this?take care.careful with pits.Have fun.

Giridharan said...

hi jeevan,

Got ur blog through a different search result from Google,but got stuck with.I am giridharan from chennai.Congrats for first pay cheque.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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