Thursday, March 01, 2007

Now timing

Was thinking what to write today here and in a hope that i will get something to write, I started to read some blogs and priya’s timing post makes to scribble.

I think myself that I really enjoying or going with the life as it goes or just living with timing. My everyday activities are with timing, from early morning to late night. This timing disturbed even many of my dreams and imagination. If I was in some other work and sudden imagination of some think crosses, I go with it and forget the current work and miss the timing, which makes me feel sad, some times anger too.

Because of timing I get misunderstand with cousins sometimes and I sense that I only concentrate on my work and timing and to forget spending with them. If I were to cross my early day activities by taking that time to seep without my knowledge, it confuses that day’s activities and without any idea which one (activity) to cut to adjust the timing. On Sundays many of them leave that day as it goes and be free with out any work or timing tension. But this fellow will not even leave this Sunday to insert the timing.

My thought for timing is, it gives sprightly clarity of mind; another thing to be with timing is to avoid any recede in activities or creating laziness. In another point of my views is that going with times would bring some other symptoms in the health or this sprightly day time activities may be the reason for sleeping morning times? Am I missing the joys, which can experience in this stage of life only? If I was going with my own wishes and joys with the freedom I got (no one to question me, even I sleep or watch TV for all days with out knowing what is happening around me); and the day if I dint sense to realize that time was running and I am being like a dump; sure I won’t be entering into this net world to know u all. For these changes, I agree with my timing way of living.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeevan!
We just live with timing now.
A very well written post!
But, take little bit break and come to my this blog and forget for moment about timing.
Have a nice time!

starry said...

Nice post Jeevan. even got me thinking after reading Priya's post.I think sometimes we are all in a rush and find no time to do the things we want to but then If we do not do the things that are necessary in our daily life then that is bad too.

Priya said...


Such a beuatiful post about timing ther. Thank you for taking it up from where I left.

Am I missing the joys, which can experience in this stage of life only?
- Joy is just not wealth, its just your mind which makes you happy.
Even when you can give a kitkat to a small child, that joy you experience stays forever.

Ever stage of our lives are different based on our needs, but our heart always remain young isn't it.

Good job buddy:)

Shiva said...

Jeevan, good to know more on timing.

Like you said, we just have to agree to the way we live every second of our life in a way that we want.

Good one

Keshi said...

Jeevan sometimes I wish ppl knew a timeless life.


Anonymous said...

Heloo Jevan, your posts are great encouragement for me.Congratulations for your new arrrival(for the previous post).Have a nice day.

Jeevan said...

Krystyna – Hi dear:) Thank you. I am really enjoying my time here (in blogs) to share with u all!

Starry – Thanks dear. priya’s post are becomes my fav! This timing was took by my wish, I like to be active always, I never like to take a name as lazy boy:D

Priya – Thanks for giving some idea to my post priya! That’s must be a sweet incident (if it comes true wow) to give a kitkat to a kid and to see that lovely smile:) I agree everyone has a small kid inside them.

Shiva – Thank u friend! Some times I wonder to be living and that’s make me encourage that every second must to enjoyed and use it well.

Keshi – hum… sometimes.

Anonymous – Thank you mate:) u too have a nice day and happy weekend!