Friday, March 23, 2007

Dear Sister

My love is true
i don’t know how to prove
It haven’t come sudden
its there always in my heart
You never understand
What I was suppose to tell
You excuse afterwards
when I desire.

You were firm hill
when a tornado blasts
Merely a small dot in this world
you shine like an angel
Like a dot in white screen
you appear special to me

When you are always in my thoughts
i need a day to thing about you?
In my imagination world
i see your dreams
holding your life in it
and enjoying, like its real.


Priya said...

A beautiful dedication to your sister:))

Anonymous said...

Touching! :)

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!
Your sister is blessed and happy
having such dear brother
as You are.
Very touching and beautiful poem!

Have a Great weekend!

krystyna said...

Sincere greetings
to your Great Sister!

balar said...

Excellent poem Jeevan...

gP said...

beautiful writeup Jeevan. Can truly feel the bond.

P/s: the book is on its way. Please do tell me when you get it.

Shiva said...

Beautiful lines for your sister. Good one Jeevan

Kavi said...

Wonderful ! Touching !

Keshi said...

A beautiful tribute to ur sis!


Anonymous said...

Hi jeevan,
How r u? sorry thambhi it's been a long time since i visited ur blog.
I was out of station and also in our office blogs were blocked.
I tried for 3 to 5 days but it was blocked.
Today I thought I will give a try and it worked.
Nice post for ur sister. Really touching.
Keep up ur good work.
Hope they dont block the blogs again at office.
Take care,

tulipspeaks said...

aaaww.. this is sweet!


Balaji S Rajan said...


That was a great poem. Well done. Keep it up! I know your affection.

Jeevan said...

Priya – Thanks:)

Adi – Thank u!!:)

Krystyna – Thank you so much dear! have a great weekdays:)

Balar – Thank you!

GP – Thanks friend:) sure will mail u as soon I got the book.

Shiva – Thank you shiva.

Kavi – Thanks!

Keshi – hum…:)

Sister (mani) – Ho ice! Its bad to know they have blocked the blog there. I am dong fine sister, how are u? I pray that they should not block the blog again, to get in touch with my sister. Thank you dear:)

Amutha – Thanks:)

Balaji – Thank you my Friend! Hope you are doing fine and enjoying the travel.

Kathy said...

... how sweet of u dear ^_^ thats a nice poem...