Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Now waits

Wait! a single word, makes us so astonishment when we get a good thing from it. We all wait for some thing in some situation to be done or to be come. Wait is one of the word I use often. Many thoughts were running with me when I read a post about wait in my mate priya's blog. Waiting is welfare; it gives happiness, but some waiting is stress. I like to share the stress and happiness of my life, I face through waiting.


When it comes as a student, I used to wait, when will the last bell will ring? to get away from the class and to go home (ya many used to do the same na); but I had a very difficult waiting that I haven’t expressed to anyone. Its suppress of my filled bladder, what can I do, and to whom can I ask to take me to bathroom, that’s not a easy thing I know. So should have to wait till my parents pick me to home, I have face many days like this in my school time. This wait is what I couldn’t forget and wish this type of wait should never come again.

Cloudy sky which without any sign it makes to wait, till the drops touch the land, mom used to tell its like rain coming, come in, but I wait for the rain and it’s a small joy to see the rain coming. While playing run and catches with friend, waits comes to escape from the catcher. When there was no traffic police, some crosses the signal before the countdown finish, but I am very strict toward me to wait till all numbers finish. In traffic jams, the vehicles used to cross cut and go front, but this way is what I hate, whatever important can it be, I like to wait and go in line.

Every minute of the days waiting for my new cycle to arrive is what a happy movement with minds thinking about the new cycle, how to drive, were to drive and imagination is what we couldn’t avoid, the inside happiness is what we wont get it again like our first cycle. Waiting for the bench end mate kavitha to talk with me, she talk very sweet with me, I have waited for three years to get a place to sit near here, but I dint get it:(. If sometimes my parents come to pick me late, she used to wait for me to go, that times I pray that my parents should come late, so I can talk with her. It was times from 6th to 8th Std.


I am waiting for a very long time, to get a friend, who can rub my should to touch and hug me. I am not feeling any wrong about all my friends here, you are the only solace and support I get in my life, but u see above all we are just sharing through words and I am just sharing my experience with my life and family. Have I every said about my experience of being with a friend, going out with them like beach, films, outing? Many were having friends through or from their school days to collage, office days. Even elders have friend to share in personal, u could see many elders would sit in beach with friend and laugh and enjoy the movement. When all have why not me? with the hope I am waiting for a mate who can be with in my life to share my though, views and happy movements, and also express theirs with me. That’s not like a friend being with me always, it can be some hours in a weekends to share with me. I am waiting for many to be get….with a hope.
Tomorrow is March 8th Women’s day. In today’s time, women’s are achieving equally to men’s, so we should be proud about our women’s who were big achievers in our word, and also in space. By celebrating this day we are encouraging many women’s to achieve more. I wish u all a Happy Women’s Day.


Sree's Views said...

Thank You , Jeevan !

Syam said...
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Syam said...

I am joining you to wish all women a Happy Women's day...

but athukum indha wait kum enna sambandham :-)

Priya said...

An awesome post jeev and I am speechless:)

@Syam: Engada vambu pannama poreenganu nenaichen.

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!
Your place has become one of my favorites. I'm truly glad and happy to visit your sweet blog home. Your posts are soo inspiring. your words come from deep of your heart.
Thanks for your wishing, I really appreciate it.
Be You. Be Happy!

balar said...

Good one Jeevan.

/*I used to wait, when will the last bell will ring?*/ Remembers my school days..:):)

Keshi said...

wuttttttt? U r waiting for a friend to HUG ya? Didnt I hug u all this time Jeevan? awwwwwwww....


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wishes Brother.
This post is very nice. This happened with me also.
When i was in school and college i waited for the last bell to ring and i wait for the weekends to come.
As krystna said u r talking from ur heart.
u have so many friends still y do u want to wait for someone.
Anyway I pray GOD that u shud get a friend as u like.
Ur sister(Mani)

Jeevan said...

Sree – welcome!

Syam – oru sambandhamum illai:) athu vearu, ithu vearu!

Priya – Thanks friend:) was inspired by ur post of wait!

Krystyna – I must thanks u and all for supporting me to bring out what my mind thinks. So happy to know my place was ur favorite one. Thanks dear and wish u again a happy women’s day.

Balar – Thank you:)

Keshi – I dint tell like that. U have hug me lots of times dear. What I am coming to tell is, I think there are difference between, hug through words and hug through hands. I couldn’t sense the hugs through words, like touching through hands. Whenever I see the hug by some one to others, I crave by my memories, which my friend supports me through his hand years back. I am not going to tell and I will never do tell, that ur hugs are just words, I know u were hugging from ur deep heard, but this fellow sense it very little. Sorry if i have hurt ur mind.

Jeevan said...

Sister – Thank you. What to do sometimes my mind think like this. I have many friends here, but my crave is for a personal friend who can spend time with me, going out with him, who can visit my house. I think I am very selfish na.

Shiva said...

Jeevan, that's an amazing post on wait. Nothing like extending a post!

Though we all hate to wait, hope makes us wait for better results. In relationship waiting sometimes is pleasurable. When it comes to life, let's not wait, as the proverb says "Time and Tide wait for none"

Jeevan said...

Shiva – thank you:) I too agree on the relationship.

Anonymous said...

U r not at all selfish.
U r waiting for a genuine thing.
there r so many who wait greedily wait for so many things but u r not like that

ryt from monday i wait eagerly for friday evening to come so saturday and sunday i need not come to office and can spend time
with my husband.

ok like to share this link thru ur blog so that ppl who are interested can help the grannies.


Jeevan said...

Thanku dear sisiter! today is friday is it, so u are waiting for the evening! Have a nice weekend with ur hubby:)

I saw the link and its very distress to read that elders were not even treated like a thing by their children. let hope the new law must do some thing for them.

Anonymous said...

Jeevz, you are a real sweety..glad to be your buddy man