Sunday, March 11, 2007

Valor Lovingly

It’s been six years since I have went to a night show Film in Drive-in. Last time it was Arjun’s Vedam in 2001 with my uncle, it was the last film I watched with him, before he pass away. I couldn’t avoid those memorial days with him, when standing on the long line to enter inside the theater. Whenever we visit our grandpa house, my uncle used to take us to night show in drive-in, those times it was very very enjoyable to go there (not only to watch films, but also to play in the sea-saw, sliding tree, swings. Washing faces, powdering and shouting prathana, prathana… is still funny days.

Thinking why this long line today only, may be it would be the first time so much vehicle for a film, where the hero is new face!! The hero is Karthik, brother of actor surya and son of Shivakumar. The Film is Paruthi Veeran (Cotton Hero :D). Films comes sometimes to screen with indicating the acting, not on the story or for the hero, Paruti Veeran is such a film. Director Amir created the whole film, whose film Raam won the international award, after years… I watched the both film this weekend. The story is the hero Veeran is a person always doing some criminal activities with his uncle Chevvazhai and they were roaming without any ambition and going to jail is there habit. Here the heroin Muthazhagu was affectionate on the Veeran , (who is her aunty’s daughter where the both families were separated for an caste difference), but he avoid her till a situation comes to him to understand how deep she loves him… what ever happen then are said with brave and inducement.

The Film starts with a big rural festival, were all sorts of rural dance, music and shops presents gives very good feel and keeps us energetic to see that today a movie with full rural style. For me the strongest characters are four, the hero Karthik, heroin Priyamani, music and cinematographic. Should tell about the Karthik, who has a mixed face of his bro and father, which comes as a very different and looks like a real gallantry village boy. He and his cittappu (uncle) Chevvazhai are very merry persons, drinking, and doing all ridicule activates, in this the person who always loss something is the KanjaKaruppu (the comedian). The police station scenes and the photo shoot with knifes were funny, and the hero’s main aim was to do big crime and to visit Chennai Jail, and giving interview. I have to tell about priyamani, I haven’t seen any films of her, she was very different; has a talented acting and her expressions are really superb. She done a bold acting and the climax was very rude and violate.

About the music, it has a sense of rural fragrance. The two folk songs were energetic, what I think special about it was, the songs were singed and acted by real rural artist. The Sari gama Patahani was fine, and the voice given to it was very sweet and the Iyyai Iyyao song was lovely for not only the music, and too for picturesque. The song Ariyadha Vayasu by Ilayaraja was nice and looks beautiful with the kids love. I am recommending the music director Yuvan should be praised by state award for using the rural involvement in his music. No w coming to the cinematographic, the cameraman Ramji's shows the remote places that hopes, which were new to cameras. The sunlight behind the hills and the sand lake, the dry grasslands and the festival gives tremendous about the Madhurai sides. I could tell, we couldn’t expect a different story or a message in this film… but a different acting and the bravery of the character and speaking dialogue.


Balaji S Rajan said...


Good review. Well done. I shall watch the film when I get a chance.
Hope you are happy enjoying your new chair.

Priya said...

Jeevan: A neat review and I did watch few clips when he gave an interview few months back. I think its worth watching due to rural setting and the story itself.

starry said...

Thanks for thr review Jeevan.looks like a good movie.

barbi bharadwaj said...

total village subject. (i heard). no time to watch the movie, infact i read this review in under a minute..
ll come back when i m free..

Kavi said...

Good review Jeevan ! Will try and watch the movie !

balar said...

Nice review jeevan..
I havent watched the movie yet...:)
Heard about the climax violent rape scene..:(
Did producer/director trim the rape scene???

Shiva said...

Your reviews make me miss the kollywood moments. Just counting my days to watch this. I'm a great fan of Amir, though I have watched only one of his movie. See him in many intreviews.

All Is Whole said...

Hey Bro, how are you??
Liked your post and it reminds me of the days when we used to watch the films during the days when there was no cable TV and only media available was movies and DD1.
Watching movies on those days was real fun you know, nowdays we are paying 10 times more but everytime i visit any mall or multiplex i feel a gap, i feel that i am not enjoying that much when i used to enjoy in those days.
We have money but we are losing FUN..........

Take care.........

Anonymous said...

Goodone Jeeva..sorry about your uncle..

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!
Great review!
And wonderful memory!
Keep up your great work Jeevan!
Best to you!

Keshi said...

heyy movie-freak how u doin? ;-)


Jeevan said...

Balaji – Thanks. Sure do it, its full village film. Yes I am have nice time with the chair:) planning for more fun too.

Priya – Thank u! It’s a very different film and karthi and priyamani acted so well. I agree its worth to watch films based on villages.

Starry – Thank you. yes it is.

Barbi – catch it when u are free:)

Kavi – Thank you!

Balar – Thanks. The climax was little wielder, except the film was good.

Shiva – I too like his films, his Raam is favorite one. Come soon and catch it:)

Prashant – I am doing fine friend, hope u to:) yes it’s true! Those days we can watch new films only in theaters, nowadays all new films were on satellite channels. Those days with my cousin uncle going in the cycle to watch films are enjoyed movements.

Thooya – Thanks:) I miss him more…

Krystyna – Thank you dear! Huggsss.

Keshi – I doing well, how do u? :)