Monday, March 05, 2007

Jolly Weekend

These days I was going on our streets in my power chair; I have a great feel riding on my own. Once a shy person, resist going out in the wheel chair, was now feel like left the shyness and live for his happiness. I can find many stand and watch me going on the chair on my own, but I didn’t care about others, because I am here for my happiness.

Saturday was my first attempt to going for beach in my chair. It’s a km from my home, but seeing the traffic of heavy vehicles in ECR, crossing the road was very hard especially in evenings, so we detach the chair and took it in the car. The beach was crowd less, we fixed the char and I started to drive. It’s my wish to walk like others on the beach road, but at least if I can’t walk I could move with my chair, instead of sitting inside the car. I experience the sea breeze fully after some years, while riding.

Every time dad leaves me in the car and go a walk, this time I was with him and also mom. Actually they were walking behind, and I was faster than them, a long drive. I haven’t expected that my chair can handle any type of roads, it’s very powerful to climb big crest. I have given a name for my chair, its Gilly. It was special day too of full moon above the sea; the moon’s reflection on the water with the shadow of the standing boat was an awesome scene, to my bad time I left my camera in the home, so couldn’t capture that beauty.

There was a new program in Suntv its totally enjoyable. U guessed it right; its Asathapovathu yaaru a comedy show presented my new faces, this program was like Kalakkapovathu yaaru in Vijay TV. What a show, its amazing to see how talented these people are to make every one to adore. This guy kovai guna was very humorous with his knowledge and performing way he makes us laugh and think. This is a program I am enjoying while watching with dad and mom.

Pic was a flying kite in the sky. Took last week.


Priya said...

A nice name "ghilly" and it reminds me of the movie too.

Good you are having fun at the beach:)

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!
Great! Your Best Life is Now!
Your life has divine purpose and destiny!
Descover your power!

krystyna said...

"Gilly" sounds wonderful!
But could you explain what this word means? I didn't find it.

Take good care!

Priya said...


Gilly is a street game played with wooden sticks.

Keshi said...

hey Gilly ;-)


Shiva said...

Jeevan, that was a great weekend at the beach with the breeze nburhsing aside the feelings. Is that a kite on the sky.

Gilly is a good choice. I liked the movie and Dharani is such an ambitious director.

KK said...

super kewl name Jeevan... I have heard about the program that you are telling...

Anonymous said...

Thank you Priya for explain!

News from Prasanna said...

Good to see you in happiness Bro. Ask your dad or mom to take photos while you drive and post it here.

Jeevan said...

Priya – super name is it :D, we had!

Krystyna – Thank you dear:) gilly means who was very powerful and can handle any situation, but priya said u the real meaning. Take care hugss!

Keshi – gilly ha gilly;)

Shiva – that was a great sense to breath the air. That’s was the kite took sometimes back in marina beach. Thanks.

KK – Thanks friend:) u may catch that program on Saturday night at 10.00 at IST.

Prasanna – Thank you brother:) sure will do it.

Balaji S Rajan said...


I am happy for you. I could understand how much of happiness the automatic wheel chair would have brought you. Those chairs are very common here and I have seen old people being independent on those chairs. Very nice of your parents to have got you a chair like this.

I also like Asathapovathu yaru. Last week most of them performed well. The ones who were like Vadivel were excellent. Glad that you also like the program.

starry said...

Jeevan that is so neat that you can drive your chair on the beach. I know how exciting that must be. I have just started to go out after my surgery and it feels so good. I love flying kites also.

SKM said...

thats so cool jeev.Careful and have fun.

krystyna said...

Thank you Jeevan. Gilly is beautiful, powerful name!
Wishing you the best!

balar said...

Nice to hear that u r having fun at the beach.
"Gilly" Cool name :):)

Take care.

tulipspeaks said...

i'm glad u get to enjoy urself with Gilly now. have fun.



Jeevan said...

Balaji – Thank you friend! So happy to share my experience of the chair with u:) I am enjoying being independence. Yes the vadivel ganesh and vaigai… both were done well with police and Dubai dress character.

Starry – Thanks:) yes dear its very nice feel with the sea breeze. That’s great to know ur feeling better and doing best. Take care!

SKM – Thanks mate:) I couldn’t fine the comment link in ur blog why?

Krystyna - :) have a nice day!

Balar – Thanks mate! I really had a nice time:) hugss…

Amutha – Thank you:)