Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Why my best friend?

Sense of happiness
For the wished days are before
With whom I crave to spent
Sense of sadness
Being now near me
Like forgot those sweet days

As children our thought were same
As we grow it various
Unexpected alternation in our lives
You brought big changes in our relation
Being distance in place those days
Were times of excite to see and talk
Now very near, I feel an ocean gap
Were everything sinks in this gap

How do u forget the days of
Mingle sleeping and laughing
By mid night story talking.
You smiling on aloof
Silently speaking and alone
Living in a world,
Me talking with old memories.

My heart still without a reason
Why you keep distance from me
It makes me sorrow, to see you in different mind
You my best friend, why this solitude stage.


Sree's Views said...

Wow..nice composition Jeeva...but why did a gap fall in the friendship ?
kalakunga :)
(first first nnu ellarum sollaraangaley..edhavadhu gift kodupeengala? :P )

Anonymous said...

Nicely written!!Do drop by my Friendship Blog sometime!!

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!
What a sweet photo and a beautiful poem about lovesick. You touched the raw in a deep of heart. Your delightful poem brings a sweet memory... child's chum...honesty, purity, expectation... .How true.
Thanks Jeevan!

tulipspeaks said...

yen ivalavu sogem? :|


Priya said...

Well written jeev.

balar said...

Very nice Poem Jeevan..

david santos said...

Hello, Jeevan!
Love this work. Thank you.
Have nice week

Keshi said...

why what happened?


Shiva said...

How thoughtful about a friend. Is that a friens or the self reflected as a friend? Sometimes, it happens.

All Is Whole said...

Lovely verse!!!!!!!!

How are you Jeevan???

Jeevan said...

Thank you all dear:) Sree neegalea oru gift, yaravathu giftukku gift kodupangala. Hehe… Krystyna gald that brought sweet memories to you:)

I wrote it by thinking one of my cousin, but she is like a best friend to me ones… don’t know why she hesitate now, to being like a friend.

Sree's Views said...

hmm periya aaludhaan jeeva neenga :P

Anonymous said...

Jeevz, i think its you and me..best friends..is it?>

Beautiful poem from a beautiful heart :)

may god bless you

Jeevan said...

Sree – naanlam romba china aalunga :D

Thooya – We are best friends no doubt. Thanks dear:) Happy weekend!