Thursday, March 08, 2007

Wind experience

Southeast wind
blowing towards the windows
noon hot melts in the wind
with idleness brain
speechless happiness in the mind

Artificial air odium’s
natural air wonders
rustle of the pipal tree leafs
the bird hidden behind the leafs
gives the adorable sound
tit tittra tit, tit tittra tit…

Seeing the dancing Chinese bells
memories wake from the seep
in the same feeling
with this Southeast wind
smiling on my own, thinking those days
recalling the enjoyments in grannies terrace
along with loved ones, while playing the dice.
now all somewhere, in different thoughts….


Priya said...

Wind chimes are something which keeps you to relax and go with the music when its moves along the wind.

Good one Jeev.

gP said...

excellent jeevan, u described it vividly and beautifully.

Syam said...

wow wow wow...excellent one jeevan :-)

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!
I read this news:
The Winners: The winners of "The Gost of You" short story contest is Cinderella and JEEVAN!!


starry said...

Just beautiful Jeevan.

starry said...

Congrats on winning the short story contest.

balar said...

Good one Jeevan..

Anonymous said...

Wonderful poem Jeevan!
Remind me Feng Shui for the soul.
Keep up good work!
Peace and Happiness with you!

ramya said...

gud one ru..after a long time ellorayum porumaiya visit adikaren..

reg. wind chimes, i really luv it, wen am sitting in my chair with full of stress n while getting up relaxed n free...

Marutham said...

Beautiful & Enjoyable read!! :)
Photo - correct choice


Keshi said...

wow n ur a great poet too!


Shiva said...

Hey Jeevan,

That's some memorable thoughts. Enjoyed it

Anonymous said...

WOW superb Jeevan.

Too good, U have so many talents in U,.. gr8 yaar

By the way what is that winner of the short story contest mentioned by krystna,... I didn't get her,... do u write stories also
can u give me the link


Anonymous said...

You can find the inform. about Jeevan on my blog too.
(post: I can fly).

Best to you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info.
Just now i went through ur blog. U have a very cute grandson. I could see u r enjoying a lot with him.
I read Jeevan's story also.

@Jeevan: Congrats jeevan for winning it.


krystyna said...

Thanks Sister(Mani)!
I'm glad you visited my blog.
You're right I love my grandson very much.
Wishing you the best!

Anonymous said...


yes i am Mani(sister of Jeevan) but u can call me as ur daughter ---> daughter(mani) :-) and bless ur daughter to become a Mother Soon.

If i am not wrong U r in US ryt and U r not sleeping at this time also ???

Anonymous said...

Hi Mani!
I'm glad know you better now.
I'm from Poland, but now I live in US. My English is very poor. I never dream that I'll go to US so I started to study (by myself) being here. I get up early ( I like it)and study. Be forgiveness about my English.
You become a mother soon?
Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

Who said ur english is bad??

U r conveying in good english.

I am not pregnant now but I want to. I have some health problem so i am not able to conceive.
Anyway we got married only one year back. I think GOD is testing my patience and faith.
I believe in GOD and as u said in ur post

"Everything is possible for him who believes" - Mark 9:23

So bless me for dat and remember me in ur prayers :-))

@Jeevan - Happy weekend and i will talk to u on Monday

till then


Anonymous said...

The above post is for krystna

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mani!
I'll remember you in my prayers.
God bless you!

Jeevan said...

Priya – I really adore the chimes sound, when it moves in the wind. Thanks priya:)

GP – Thank u friend:)

Syam - :) Thanks

Krystyna – Thanks for bringing the winner news through ur comment! Thanks u so much dear. you are with me, so every thing would be here…

Starry – Thank you dear! you too have a sweet poems in urs.

Balar – Thanks:)

Ramya – Hi, how are u doing? How was ur holidays going in chennai? It gives a pleasant sound when these chimes moves… take care friend:)

Maruthan – Thank u friend!

Keshi – Thanks dear:)

Shiva – It’s a wonderful memory. Thank u.

Sister – Thank you. I have written a short story for the contest held between blogger, in that mine and another story was selected. I too will remain u in my prayer sister:) Happy weekends, lets see on Monday! Cheers.

Anonymous said...

I put a part of your winning story:

"Lomestome Forest
Blogger: Jeevan

An imaginary story

One early day the News in the paper reads, that UN has awarded Limestone forest in Malaysia as the most beautiful natural with precious livings. This was proved by a research through the universal collage students as a project. The research brings the secret of the forest how more precious plants and species which grown in different environment comes here. The result here is the story of the limestone forest, which faces a death door in his life, and redeem to this position and above".

More is here:

Jeevan, it is an interesting, wonderful, well- written story.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, a HUGE me your hands...good work