Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Weekend with dachu

This is my uncle’s daughter Dharshini, she was visiting my house gone weekend. I am seeing her after few months, as she we in her grandma house. In this few months she has grown well and become sister for a 6 month-old boy Sachin. It was a happy surprise that I couldn’t expect she would be visiting our house.

I should tell, I had a sweet weekend with her; whenever she calls me jeeva mama (uncle), I feel so happy. The four hours with her is not enough, she was good in painting on computer, and also handling mouse. She was enjoying my collections of funny videos and photo’s. Being in LKG, she was not only intelligent and one thing that increased in her was the speaking cleverly. Don’t hope she would be very serene by seeing this sin like pic, now she is the much ado child in our family and his bro is getting ready to snatch her place soon. Some one scold or dint’s give she get more angry, good time I haven’t make her angry and her slogans are superb

I heard that she was keeping her bro on her lap and singing Munba va song… and recent news from her was, she won 1st prize in running race. U could see her drawing above like she and her bro was riding bike.


Marutham said...

HI jeevan ..Me first :D

Poi post padichutu returnings ;)

Epadi therinjadhu en birthday'nu..:D Thanku so much for the wishes :D
Vandhu namma page'la cake saaptutu ponga

Marutham said...

U sure had a sweet weekend with a sweet little girl..
Pictyre sooper..adhuvum- herself & her kutty bro..:) THAT IS VERY SWEET..
I thot it was u 2 going for a ride ;) hehe

Lovely post for the kutty time she comes home- do show her ur post- she uwd say " Jeeva maaamaaa...Sooper maama " :D Hehe!!

Anonymous said...

she is very pretty..Kids are like god...I love kids more than anything...I can imagine how much u have enjoyed to spent time with that lilttle cute girl...

Priya said...

She is so cute and adorable. Very creative jeev and a lovely art ther.

balar said...

She is very cute..

/*singing Munba va song…*/
She has very good taste too..
My uncle's son almost same age and he is singing "Loosu penne Loosu Penne" to his younger sister....:):)

starry said...

she is so cute and can draw so well.I am glad you got to spend some time with her.

Anonymous said...

Dachu is so cute. She is very lucky to have mama like you.Keep posting. This one brought so many nice memories of my own sis.


krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan.
You're writing so lovely about this cute beautiful uncle's doughter. Dachu must be happy beeing with you as you do. Great family relationship!
Wishing you the best!

Keshi said...

well Dharshini's got a boy-cut just like I had my hair when I was her age :) So sweet.


Sree's Views said...

Dachu is very cute Jeeva...
And looks like she carries herself very well ! Why did'nt u put the picture of her little brother?
Her art is cute too :)
Neenga sonnadhu romba correct..4 hrs enna..40 hrs kooda poradhey theriyaadhu kuttisoda spend pannumpodhu..
Next time avaloda edhavadhu board game vilaiyaadunga Jeeva..
Try Pictionary !

david santos said...

Hello, Jeevan!
How are you
All very nice, thank you
have nice week

Jeevan said...

Mautham – First vantha maruthamku oru sweet hi:) just saw you chatterbox, some have wished u B’day. Thanks for the cake.
She is very sweet girl. Then I will sure show this post to her, to see that cute smile on her face. ur comment is like from a sweet little girl to another sweetie. Hehe…

Anonymous – Thank you. Kids are always loveable…

Priya – Thanks Friend:)

Balar – Thanks! Haha… his choice was not bad:)))

Starry – She is more interest on computers and urging his dad to buy a PC. I had a pleasant time with her. Thanks.

Jaya - :) glad u recall ur own memories. Thanks.

Krystyna – Thanks dear:) she was not ready to leave our home… we both feel happy. Wish u the best too!

Keshi – well many boy-cut girls make confuse is they girl or boy sometimes:D Thank u dear.

Sree – I don’t have his little bro pic and sure will try to bring it here. I love to spend with kids, they makes us adore. Nice idea sree, next time will play with her,. she learns some games from her school, that’s really superb, remain my child days.

David – ok thanks.

barbi bharadwaj said...

so sweeeet! really sweet!
its surpeising the kids of this age are really brilliant. I live with uncle's son who syudies in ukg. He can do a lot of stuff on the computer, which is really amazing for a kid of that age.

nice pic.

Kavi said...

Cute buddy ! God has his ways. Darshini is one of his ways.

Jeevan said...

Barbi – today’s kids are very intelligent, but the little feels stress with heavy stuff by schools! Thank you barbi:)

Kavi – Thanks so much friend:)

Anonymous said...

she is so cute..and wow good drawing..:) i am glad you had a good time with her jeevz