Saturday, March 17, 2007


Love creates the silence
When it shares form deep heart
Silence is something different
For those differently hearing and speaking
Others unaware when their vision speaks
Words silence when their gesture speaks.

Love is a silence feel
When it enters our hearts
The welfare that gives
Can’t be express through words
That’s wishes of joy
Time for dreams and imaginations to stroll

Smiling born baby, seeing her mom’s face
Is a silent language between mom and baby
Silently blooming flowers
Will makes us happy loudly
Different expressions on faces
Is a silence art

Nights were silence
Till little mosquitoes sings
Mid sea silence in the noon
Till birds make sweet noise
Air is silence
Till it strikes on leaves
Memories comes silently
Till it brings tears and joy in loud

# # Little thoughts after reading priya's silence


Marutham said...

Me me..Again , First naaney!! :D
Sweet was lovely ;)
Hi Jeevan,
Read ur comment- cute indeed! :)

And the poem..BRAVO!!Awesome...
Ungalukula ipdi oru kavingar slepeing'a?? :)
Kee writing...

balar said...

Very good one jeevan...

Pavithra said...

Nice words jeevan...keep going !!

Priya said...

Beautiful jeev. Wonderful thoughts and you will only know when you write it and what brings a satisfaction.

Different expressions on faces
Is a silence art

-Well said and our face is itself an art of expression based on situations.

Keshi said...

Silence speaks volumes.


tulipspeaks said...

nice poem. tamil kavithai ondru yeluthungelen parpom. ;)


Jeevan said...

Marutham – Thank you Friend:) again first claps;) Sure, I am writing like poems because of ur all encourages.

Balar – Thank you:)

Pavi – Sure friend!

Priya – Thanks priya! Ya u said it right, we can understand only going on again… I thought of different expressions thinking about barathanatiyam and kathakali.

Keshi – Hi dear:) thanks.

Amutha – Thanks. Try panrean:)

Anonymous said...

Jeevz, beautiful thoughts...deep...go on write more..

SKM said...

aahaa!jeeva, idhai mattum vittu vaichurudheenga.Dhool! All kinds of talents you have.very good.
vera yedhum pudhu painting saidheengala?

Shiva said...

Jeevan, a beautiful poem that would provoke the very silence to read.

Jeevan said...

Thanks Thooya, shiva and SKM. With little work I couldn’t finish the drawing, will do it next week and post:)