Monday, July 16, 2007

Summer chillness

Originally uploaded by Jeevan Kumar
Soothing one day
drizzling sky
earth without leaving humidity
makes chilling the kodai day
that took away to kodai

without giving disturbance
left to breathing this weather
and to leaving way to feel adore
my wishes to the resistance

flying black caw are
beauty then in the whiteness sky
where the brightness green leaves
hides these days, as newly born
after become wet in the rain

#Kodai - Summer season
#Kodai - A cool hill station

These days we Chennai ties have monsoon climate in evenings of the summer. We never miss to enjoy this delightful evenings, especially last week we received plenty of drops. This rain brought the little excitement and along with the trouble making mosquitoes. If I was not able to take my evening rides (on the wheels), at least I was made a day going on the chill wind and drizzling sky, before it starts to bluster heavily.

##that crow on the sky was drew by me, its not a real crow:


barbi bharadwaj said...

He was inspired and put a pic of a crow.
I was fooled, it was a painting, he is pro.

Amazing pic, jeevan..

priya said...

I thought it was a painting and nice one ther.

Nirek said...

I am passing on "Thinking Blogger award" to you. Congrats and check my latest post to know the details!

Jo said...

Hey buddy! How have you been? Nice poem and its amazing to know that you drew this crow over the pic!! Cool!!!

balar said...

Nice poem and pic have so many talents..keep it coming.

Keshi said...

that pic is amazing!

Indian Summers must be soo nice...just like u mentioned here.


Sree's Views said...

Hey Jeevs..
How are u ?
hey I have never seen May flowers like that :)in a cluster..thanks for letting me know..
all the posts are great :)
ur blog rocks , pal :)
hey have u done the tag ?

தூயா said...

dats amazing
enjoy da rain

Jeevan said...

Thanks all for you nice words:) Sree I am think about ur blog only, will do it soon dear.

krystyna said...

Thanks Jeevan for your amaing arts.

Ponniyinselvan said...

the poem penned by you is amazing. i never guessed that you could write poems..AND your drawing also..trying to be an all rounder..wonderful.