Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thinking Blogger Award!

After praised by thooya as May Star, now I got the thinking blogger award from my dear friend Nirek. Thank you buddy :) Now he has given me a difficult work to give the award to my dears. I am not interested to select particular friends of mine to this award and leaving others, but I can’t leave this chance too. Already Nirek has given this award to some of my buddies, so they must also excuse me… Cool!!

I am very happy to announce the award!


If there any one unaware of Keshi are really missing a beautiful place in blogging. Her passion of writing makes us admire, she has a style on herself in writing. I look keshi as a special flower, fills with love as its nectar and it distributes the sweetness whoever needs. She entertain us some times with strange that we hesitate to express.


Priya is a best thinker. Her posts are thoughtful and she doesn’t stop with pensive, she also encourages us to think on that. Her blog carries the importance to our lives. What I most like in her is the thoughts she write for the pics. She writes the mind of love through her beautiful poems.

Reflections of Mind

Balaji, He is reflections of his memories! His best are the words… the response he show towards the society are so friendly. He loves what he does, the train journey is what he likes and by his wish the opportunity comes to him in weekends. He is a charming photographer, the pictures catches my attention always and it hold on my desktop for long time. Recently he brought to lights his cartoons, some arts of live people.

His experiance

Kavi never forget to share his experience. He travel lot and comes with photos to narrate. Actually he is a brother like to balaji to care on society. He worries about the dull side of people and come forward to clean his own surrounding (by removing the garbage’s around his flat with his neighbors).


Ponniyin Selvan, The real author of this blog is Karthik, but the current writer is karthik’s mother. This mother carrying her son in the heart. As soon he passes in the way, he went permanently to stay in her heart that here no one can take him from her. Karthik is a lucky brother; to become a student of Dr. Abdul Kalam. Karthik was offered to a big job in US, but he refuses it to join, as he doesn’t like to leave his mother. Tell, he is a proud full son or not to this great mother!! Hats off to Karthik.

My wishes to you all dears… Hope we all be together forever with Love.


Balaji S Rajan said...


Thank you very much for your kind words! I am just a small dot in the space. I am glad if I could inspire you. Good intentions and thoughts should spread. Even last night, someone who is getting closer to me said he was impressed with a small charitable work of mine. I was glad that I could impress him to be kind to others. You are a great person with your good thoughts for green earth, children and everything good on this earth. May I wish the almighty to give you a very good health to contribute more to the society through your blogs! Hats off to you Jeevan.

Nirek said...

keshi's blog are always revolutionary's and interesitng! Thats the great choice!

btw There is a typo is my name, niker-ila Nirek!

pria said...

Jeevan, I always think I need to learn more from others and still way more as knowledge is vast. I am honored and feel gratitude for picking me as a thinking blogger. Personally your blog deserves more as you touch everyone's heart.

Keep writing and enjoy what you do.

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!
You deserved this award! You work hard and your posts are great!
And your choice is perfect!!!
Peace and happiness be always with you!

balar said...

Congratulation Jeevan and Congratulation to all blogger award winners.

Keshi said...

Jeevan ty! I feel honored :)

** I look keshi as a special flower, fills with love as its nectar and it distributes the sweetness whoever needs

awww beautifully stated. Im not any more/less special than all of u. everyone is unique in their own special ways. And all u lovely bloggers bring out the best in me.

I love Priya and Kavi's blogs. They r great thinkers n writers. I dunno the other ones u mentioned. I'll check em out for sure.


தூயா said...

congradulations friends

Ponniyinselvan said...

my heart felt thanks to you.after my son bid me farewell, and left this world all of a sudden, leaving his dearest mother ,orphaned, the only thing that the mother could do in gratitude ,to all the love and affection he showered on me is to continue his's after his departure from this world i learned how to surf and write in blog.of course karthik was[ it pains me a lot to use past tense ] very very proud of his mother.we i live a horrible life.hell on earth....thanks on behalf of karthik
karthik amma

Shiva said...

Great Picks Jeevanyou are being so thoughtful and . Congrats everybody!

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