Thursday, January 31, 2008

Feel beautiful song

These are the lines from my most favorite song Unnarugil Varugayil… from Tamil film Kalloori. The song’s picturesque and beautiful lyrics impressed me a lot to share with you all. I was to be filled with imagination each times and feel the beauty in this song. It’s the current congenial song of my blog; check the video song at the left turn sidebar. Here it goes the translate, enjoy:

Coming near to you, a rapture inside me
because of you mate, I was not myself
listening to your name, enthusiasm sprouts
seeking for you shadow, my shadows continues here
when have I changed, I exceed myself
asking my heart to tell me a answer

Even placing a lock on your eyes to arrest
it leaps out of your heart girl….
even telling no to your path you where traveling
your legs comes as it can’t be stopped

My body, my mind, intestines everything
would newly mutate this day,
every words speaking by friends
would eject without entering the ears,
where is it suffering from affection?
or the desires coming on you?
up to this collected joy and with distress
I was agitating to share with you,
what’s this newly faint
with night and daytime sun shines

Everyday on dreams the blooming flowers
could it be picked through hands?
The hesitated words to be talked before
would it be understand if it said?
God's place and the secret of love
would it be able to realize the both?
Place, things, order and hearts secure
could it be able to exceed to-day?

In your eyes watching direction
will be roaming without reason,
yours views to fall on me
unknown I would be waiting,
like the unsaid secret
you where distressing my heart,
without telling even if I hide
my eyes lets will identified me


starry nights said...

I love the words to this song.Just beautiful.

BTW you have been tagged.visit my blog

Ghost Particle said...

bro...i am loving this song so much. ive watched it on sun music a few times. it is magical...i have to watch the movie.

Annie said...

Jeevan, music does lift hearts, doesn't it. And words too.

Mahesh said...

great song and cool translation to english... love that song!!

Jeevan said...

Starry – Thank you, will do tag soon.

GP – sure watch it bro, a very nice movie it was.

Annie – yes annie :) Thanks

Mahesh – Welcome here :) Thanks you.

krystyna said...

Thank you Jeevan for sharing this beautiful song. Wonderful movie and thanks for English lyric.

Kalyan said...

this is really a beautiful song Jeevan...lovely romantic words...I feel like singing it now!