Saturday, January 19, 2008

I feel

Beautiful inside the heart
like flowers bloom and slept
to favorite moods that change.

Troubled time comes and goes
silently wind blows in favor
the fragrance of early transmit.

Free available of thinking
stands in midst of borders
where either side really closed

Season end up finding new
but in bored artificial nature
then everything doubts truly why.

Wakeup thinking the right to take
for future that was near to exit
but hopes still exist.


Alok said...

i love the way u started this poem Jeevan ... when u feel beautiful inside everything else comes out beautifully as well ... liked the essence of this post ..

Have you ever heard of a poem called Kabhi Hum Khoobsoorat they ... if you like hindi / urdu poetry then just type kabhi hum khoobsoorat in you tube ... its something tht I have been listening alot of late :)


ghost particle said...

//Season end up finding new
but in bored artificial nature
then everything doubts truly why.//

U said it true, our mind are not settled when it sways between nature and artificiality. But beauty remains, the beauty of the mind.

Anonymous said...

lovely have crafted it beautifully. It is so expressive & the feelings are wonderful...I loved reading your last post on Pongal also...Hope you are having an wonderful festive season!

Annie Wicking said...

Wow, what wonderful words.

Peace, my friend.

Best wishes


Priya said...

A person who is beautiful inside can bring happiness to all.

Nice one ther.

Keshi said...

HOPE is all we've got Jeevan. Beautiful verse!


Marutham said...

Hello Jeevan :)

Nice post..
New template is lovely.

Do visit my blog & take up the tag - Award :) U deserve it.


krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!
I really love your poem!
I put it in my blog.


Jeevan said...

Alok – sure will do check that song buddy, I like or not is something, but I can’t understand hind and urdu :) Thanks so much alok, hope you are doing fine.

GP – thanks bro. true the mind remains beauty where any thing changes we would be the response for it.

Kalyan – Thank a lot buddy. It’s a brighten festival seasons, glad you liked by pongal post.

Annie – Thank you dear annie :) I couldn’t able to check urs, will do it.

Priya – Thank you priya, will try :)

Keshi – Thanks dear.

Marutham – Thanks you buddy and also for the award, pleased… :)

Krystyna – thanks for carrying my post in yours. Hugsss dear.