Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Surprise call

I don’t want to postpone it still after the year itself begins. It was like the road sides of ECR everywhere disturbing rubbish thrown inside my computer; the pictures, documents, music songs, videos… today everything was arranged and some sent to dustbin. The wanted clearance of my computer table and racks where done with the help of mom and also my music system and CD’s where properly arranged. Disappoint comes these days to fill the craving of not having camera at moments that I liked to capture. I would only feel of thinking the days without cam and move to make myself satisfy. Hope the days not away and the time will comes closer to own my new cam.

There was a surprise call, which I dint expect that I could receive. The voice I heard was my sweet friend (shanu) of childhood, who shares my desk in school and playing together some times back. It was for three or four years back I saw her passing my home streets often, after changing my home the thoughts about her happens hardly. It’s a big surprise u know hearing a familiar voice when mind was empty from her thoughts and what’s more happy is she still remembers me and get contacted. I was dump what’s happening at her life and I was thinking she may be working or doing some think like university, but for what she called was to invite me for her child’s first birthday. For me, still not comes out of the wonder hearing her voice; her marriage and son’s birthday puts smiles a lot than anything to astonish.

In between these years she lost her mother who was invisible (can’t see) and the changes in her carrier and moved with her husband to little distance from her home. She was visiting my old home to invite me, but she was not disappointed where my uncle who stays there gave my number and that helps her to contact us. I really apologies for not being attending her son’s birthday party, no way she was staying in first floor and mom was to following some other plan, we missed it. I just always wish her a beautiful life and happiness. I know how much love she kept on her mom and taking care her needs very carefully. First thing comes to my mind thinking her is, my visit to her home when we both where class mate and running around her flats, playing, chatting and seeing her mom sitting in a chare and she calls her to make know we (I and bro) have come. I hope she would get all kindness, love, peace in life from her little son and husband.


priya said...

It is always a great feeling to get back to old friends. Good for ya.

Keshi said...

what a sweet reunion. I wish both of u a beautiful friendship in future too!


tulipspeaks said...

i had a surprise call few days back as well. came when i least expected it. now, i am waiting for another call :P


Kavi said...

Old friends & old memories stay forever !

Ghost Particle said...

the call is a surprise, but the heart s not. we are connected, wherever we are. Nice to know that someone made you happy bro, its always nice to hear from old friends.

viji said...

hai Jevan
Send me your contact number in sms or give me missed call i will call you
my number

Alok said...

such a sweet post Jeevan ... I am touched by your simplicity ... wish you both beautiful friendship ..


krystyna said...

I had a nice time reading your emotional meeting. "Old" friends bring good, childchood memory.


Jeevan said...

Priya – Thank you buddy.

Keshi – I wish too dear :) thanks.

Ammu – hope you get the call dear :)

Kavi – true buddy. Thank you.

GP – I wonder hearing her voice, its beautiful all the golden days.

Viji – it was nice talking to you buddy, hope we meet sometimes soon :)

Alok – Thanks so much friend, glad I could share with you all :)
Krystyna – very true dear! its pleasant always. Hugsss

Ponniyinselvan said...

dear jeevan,
your post moved me very much.she missing her mother--painful.
a ship that does not sink is friendship.
sweetest karthikeyan