Monday, February 11, 2008

Sailing friend-ship

met with friends
Nothing stops from sharing the moments again lease within a week of meeting friends at drive-in. This weekend was very exciting with friends visiting home for lunch and this time with thooya’s dad and our dear buddy Satheesh (Nirek) to join. It was more fun to fill the moment having all together at my home; I don’t thinking this time will come nearly, but came to make delight. What I was supposed to tell really is what day we met was lost from my memories; I could only thought about our times we bear together. So far it was time disables, I think of learning and understanding buddies, they are fair on there own characters of soft smiles, fun loving, quite listening and well-meaning...

I was in interest meeting satheesh who was to be a very familiar person those I come across, he is journey loving dear who caress ones shares his stretch. Thooya have a great father who could understand his draught’s wish and I was glad for the time he took to visit our home and thanks for senthil and viji to give there enough time for us. I was not to make anybody yearning, but the true is I was left like a child whose balloon was snatch suddenly when it happily playing. Because the bliss playing with me, for the interest of them to spend their wonderful times. It was too late noon when having lunch, but it was happy only, where waiting is welfare to this dream come true for us. I was not to admit of meeting thooya and satheesh at same moment, it was the rare occasion of this journey in life. How well the understanding between us, prefers bringing every corner linking with walls of friendship. The sea never ends, lets everyone have a ship to travel on it with friends, naming friendship.

I was watching a wonderful film this weekend, the movies that I expects from the day it announced, but the video which I seen was a very low quality DVD with many cuts between scenes. Pallikoodam, it touches the sense of people who enjoys there memories of schooling life. The film is about the old students come together to save their school which was to be destroyed soon. The movie is based on a novel Kalavadiya Pozuthugal, written my director Thangar Pachan who also well acted as an old student of this school. I highly recommend this film to any one who likes to watch a good film that caresses our sweet hearts.


tulipspeaks said...

looks like u had alot of fun!


G U R U said...

Mulugaada shippey friendship daan!!

Ponniyinselvan said...

dear jeevan,
had i known i would have joined. [ too old ? perhaps not older than Thooya's dad. ].so i could have joined.more over i liked to see sweet Thooya.
my compliments to all of them.
sweetest karthikeyan

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!
"Sailing friend-ship" - what a wonderful title for this beautiful post!
I can imagine your happiness. The meeting with such fantastic friends is very exciting.
I like this yummy and beautiful, memorial cake and wonder who made it?

krystyna said...

The sea never ends, lets everyone have a ship to travel on it with friends, naming frienship.... in Blogville.

Wishing you many such wonderful meetings!
Have a good day!

alexander said...

It must be fun. Thanks for sharing.

Alex's World! -

Keshi said...

FUN FUN...yeyyyyyyy!

I saw Pallikoodam...GREAT story! Very sad ending tho...


Jeevan said...

Ammu – yes we had!

Guru - :) Thank you.

Ponniyinselvan – Thank you ma! Hope we meet soon...

Krystyna – thanks a lot dear :) I should check the bakery to know who made it ;) its thooya’s cake, because she only brought that. I hope our ship sails smooth... Take care and happy Love.

Alexander – welcome here, and thank you !

Keshi – I feel

Ghost Particle said...

bro...memorable meetings, memories last forever. glad that you had a good time, wish you have more of this.