Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Actor Raghuvaran passed away

One of a wonderful villain and a best characteristic Tamil actor Raghuvaran was no more today. Raghuvaran who was died due to cardiac attack was acted in almost all south Indian languages. And his dialogue delivery is most popular and within his style of smile would impress anyone. Even if he was no more... his films and the great man character will exist.

He presented an excellent acting opposing Super star in Basha as Mark Anthony, which was talked by everyone. Even recently he acted with Rajini’s in film Shivaji as a friend. For first time he proved in character roll is director Visu’s Samsaram athu Minsaram as a selfish son who calculate for every grant to his family and in Manirathnam’s Anjali, just brings a natural acting as a father of mentally disabled child. Some film that I enjoyed his appearance in Mugavari, Mudhalvan, Run and in Nerrukku Ner and Love today as a brother and father of Vijay. Sure I am going to miss a pleasant villain next to Prakash Raj.

The 60 year-old-man was not at normal in his personal life. Who was addicted to drug and liquor, faces many problem in life, and so he was disappeared from films some times and was recently brought into acting by his well wishes. He married to actress Rohini, though it was not lasted and ended in divorce with an 8year-old son. I console my regret for all those loved him out there.


priya said...

That is shocking news Jeevan. He is my all time favorite and gonna miss him.

Such a talent and great actor and just cannot digest at all.

May his soul rest in peace...

Preeti. said...

oh my god i cannot believe this ! he is a gem of a person when i met him he was so freindly. and the best villain i will say laa.

people always immitate his voice and we will be so happy when we here his voice its the best.

first kunal, then pandian now him
what is happening ...hmm.

love his acting so much.
i,m crying now so sad.

may his soul rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

He was a wonderful charecter actor whom i can never forget. He still lives by his casts.

Alok said...

didnt know him much ... but I can realise wht a loss he is to his fans

Anonymous said...


He is only 49 and not 60 yrs old.


krystyna said...

He was so young, only 10 days older than I am.
Very sad.

Rest in peace, Raghuvaran!

Keshi said...

oh no! thats so sad. He's a fine actor and only 60? SO very sad.

RIP sir!


Shiva said...

Very unfortunate for the Tamil Film Industry. We will definitely miss his dialogue deliveries. He is a very talented actor, sometimes lost in his own world, thus failed as hero. His performance in Yezhavathu Manithan and Kootuppuzhukkal are worth mentioning too!

May his soul rest in peace.

Ghost Particle said...

one of the best, my favourite everytime. i loved his calm and cool acting in the few movies he was not a villain. RIP.

Solitaire said...

Hey I have seen him in some hindi movie you know which one?

Shuuro said...

sad, he was natural & elegant actor.

ලකී වික්‍රමසිංහ said...
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ලකී වික්‍රමසිංහ said...

I will miss this great fellow forever!
I saw him first in film thotta chinungi. Then I was a child but still remember how this actor whom I didn't know the name could leave an irremovable footprint on my heart.!
then came "sansaram athu minsaram",Dhaya and many other!
May he find the peace he sought!

Aarya said...

Preeti what sort of a person was he? What did you speak about?