Thursday, March 20, 2008

Come on India!

That’s something distress always seeing it losing the success every time and seldom too wins, but it was the least of ever mattered now. You could find about what I am talking! It was never in the eight decades of history that our Indian Hockey team failed to qualify for Olympic. More than 25 years ago India reached to its heights to touch semi-finals at Olympics; and today simply it mourns the nation from a news reader to parliamentarian on March 10 when Indian lost to Great Britain at Santiago in qualification match. As soon the message spreads there were announcements comes from responsible persons submitting resignations and many put their papers including the Coach is something familiar happens every time in all sports as early they lose. I feel this lose nothing turns down for none, because most are not been interest at this game and the honor, where it loud less except from the Hockey authorities.

I am not to complain on a particular game, but its visible from back to now, hockey was not taken into mind as a national game. Just in name alone we can tell it, but all the courage and interests goes to cricket alone where the people are in exaggerated enthusiasm on it. Whatever hard work we do, but no recognition makes loosing hope. There we need the public interest to grow on Hockey and they should give more attention to the national game alike Cricket or any other sports. If their told, people and importantly youngster interested to take the hockey stick, there the government or the autonomous authorities hopefully will provide more necessary accessories. The team players are throughout disappointed where the sport itself seen as a useless one and stress makes them week. For them the strength could be the encouragement and support from both public and sports organizations. In creating a team and selecting players should be done with talent and interest of young people, than any recommendation or any interruption. It was doubtful that with a population of one billion, we can’t select talent few.

The most important thing is bearing the stick to people. Where in today’s world, with the media’s growth both visually and readable and internet traffic, it’s possible to make popular the game. And schools and collages should also make aware children about National Game. It was great to see a film on Hockey ‘Chak De India’ release sending some positive signals for a change from the usual thing we people see the Hockey sticks in most films used by gangs to beat others violently and to preparing fight. These day it was film world fails to reach hockey in good manner. I wish there comes the situation where the Hockey sticks rules equal to Cricket bats and in grounds children beating with bats may glance for sticks moving with balls. Chack De India (Come on India)!

Tomorrow is said to be a festivals Friday, varies people across globe is to celebrate this day as Good Friday, Miladinabi and Holi; the Holi is celebrated as neither spring festival nor festival of colors in India. Check out Kalyan’s Colors of Joy, a wonderful presentation about the colorful Holi. Enjoy the happiness of festivals along with weekend and Easter Sunday, buddies :)


brocasarea said...

what u said is right!..but the problem is no one wants to the real responsibility!

MARIA said...

Happy Easter to you and your family!

Annie said...

It is the Spring Equinox, the day which divides equally between light and dark. I send you greetings on a balanced day, Jeevan.

Ghost Particle said...

sports always make me mad, angry, sad, happy...I just pray it doesnt make my heart stop beating.

Happy holidays bro...both of us are stuck at home. :)

Shiva said...

Happy Holi Jeevan!

With all the politics I was not surprised. It should be a sport not politics.

Ash said...

Happy Holi and Happy Easter!!!

Alok said...

Happy Holidays bro ....


Jeevan said...

Brocasarea – Ur right! Welcome here :)

Maria – Thanks so much maria grandma... Hope you have a wonderful time too.

Annie – looking forward to your greeting annie! Nicely said, thanks :)

GP – I don’t watch or think about sports deep, same time I won’t stop to express my thoughts on it. Thanks bro, hope we have a good time to spent within home;) nice pictures in your blog.

Shiva – thanks buddy, hope u have a good Holi and Holidays :)

Ash – Thank you ash, same happiness to you.

Alok – Thanks and same to you bro :)

Jim said...