Friday, March 28, 2008

Pleasure in pain

Already the public exams for +2 are over and the SSLC which is known as 10th have been started. This time something more special from students appeared is there self-confident and diligence which is a wonderful paragon for overall students. This year tidings show some excellence of students writing exams with physical pain and in interest, though facing down situation by mischance. Some were writing from lying on stretchers and dictating to teachers their answers. This rise me they are sure born to win, these students are more concern on not losing there yearlong hard works and preparations for this day to fulfill there dreams even it suffers. There was this special student Janarthanan of chennai with distinctive, have fallen across views to wonder from his lonely talent on writing with mouth.

The 16-years-old lost his both limbs and a leg when he was 8. Playing with iron which fallen on electric affects him to remove the hands, were it can’t even to imagine for just. Even though the limbs gone, he never left the confident, it was developed more to bring him to achieve this. He started with alphabets and practiced to write fluently, it’s what he was telling at interview. He also drew drawings with mouth and won tens of awards. To mention he was honored by national best creative developer by President .Today I find another boy in tidings who was writing with his lost hands, by bringing his arms together. The true amazing is they haven’t used the subscribers which government arrange for students who can’t write, but they have given additional time to write.

In some places unusual thing like students who were finished there +2 examinations where gone to burst crackers celebrating there existents of joy making their work completed. Some students come into streets to happily enjoy with mates playing with colors throwing each others. Even we go through some unpleasant arena taking place in schools; these students would encourage more students and parents to make effort by knowing. Let’s wish these students to bring changes in this world and happy summer holidays for the students and happy weekend for you dear friends :)


Alok said...

A heartfelt post Jeevan ... Inspiring


Shiva said...

My hearty wishes to Janarthanan. He's another proof that success through subtleness. Hat's off to him.

Thanks for the post Jeevan

Keshi said...

good on him!


krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!
This is such a great post. Full of inspiration and strength.
Thanks for sharing.

Peace, Love and Happiness!

Azer Mantessa said...

i can't read this, i'm alergic to exams


Vishesh said... 10 was easy..but 12...oh! well a year is left..

Lakshmi said...

inspiring to the core..sometimes when I do feel like cribbing about life, posts like these make me feel good abt life .thanks for sharing

monsoon dreams said...


Annie said...

We can find inspiration from these students - they can help us meet our our challenges in life.

Solitaire said...

My classmate in my doctoral program only has one limb..her right arm.

My professor is a dwarf and unable to use her hands.

Look at how far these people have come. I wish India would wake up and invest some money into making disabled people's lives easier rather then building tens of multiplexes each year.

If they want to imitate the West, this is what they should imitate and not come out up crappy imitations of the Survivor in the form of MTV Roadies.

Satish Bolla said...

i hope the rest of the world wakes up and realizes that these people aren't the ones to be ignored and treats them with love and care.
anyways, nice post