Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Undaunted Film

The film name could be fearless, but any one would easily fear looking at the ticket price in theaters for entertaining 3 hours. Till people come forward to offer much money on watching films in theaters, they will increase as much they wish. In mind I was thinking well seriously in disappointment to go to Pirated DVDs that makes theaters these days. Very little people share the open theater, the names running on the screen while entering for evening show Anjathey. The Tamil film which was directed by Mysskin and lead by Naren, Prasanna, Amjal, Vijayalakshmi… though a sensitive film with happenings between two childhood friends on there track. They live inside the police residency, whose fathers where constables and wishing for there sons to join in the police department. One was a quick temper and behaves like a local rowdy; another was quite opposite to him whose aim is to become a sub-inspector. Both writes the exams and sathya passed using trick and krupa failed to pass exam and accuse sathya for cheating, so that he failed. This deeply disturbs the krupa, who later turn to an addict of liquor and sathya becomes sub-inspector finishing the training.

The usual trend happens here, where krupa falls under wrong relationship with those kidnaps young girls for money to any criminal activities and sathya with more senior officers tracing for the kidnapping gang… any one can easily identify what would have been happening then. Some of the physical activates of Naren (sathya) are alike his first film Chithiram Peasuthadi, his distress to save krupa from striking colleague police and in breaking down seeing his friend in unpleasant manner he shows a natural emotion. The new face Amjal lived as the character gives different experience, the anger, sorrow and the point he holds sure head down those cheat to living in a post. In sister character Vijayalakshmi, for amjal, could not forget to recall Chennai -28 as she caller her bro anna, but adorable in the single song and in smiles. The camera played a wonderful thing from the blue skies, sugarcane field and capturing the art behind the song mansukul...

Prasanna, one of my favorite actor tried to threaten with his eyes and smiles behind the hanging hairs, but always seen him in positive characters, his negative role does not do anything than much liking his style in seeing his hands and while walking. Pandiyarajan’s blinking is perfect for giving wrong dealing, but easily beaten up for his comedy villain, does a cool dancing for a song. It just replaces the Valla menukum song, without boring. Director takes a social issue of kidnapping young girls for money and body welfare; it was little shocking the kidnapped children are tied inside the sack and exists mentally upset. In ununiform, police Ponvannan and his team is an example for the kindness on the affected children, felt it would be a lesson for other police men to learn from the film. The technical ideas to trace the kidnapers are next step in Tamil cinema following foreign style. The director must be appreciated to give scenes that without touching the adult mode and have moved people in the emotions at second attempt between a father and a young girl who where kidnapped and spoiled by villain. In director's last film he expressed a love can bring softness inside the hard human and what here it tells is, even a rowdy will turn right to path when something emotionally affect him.


priya said...

He really looks very scary thou. I have always seen him a chubby romantic guy.

MARIA said...

Hello Jeevan,
thank you for your nice visit.
Your blog is very beautiful!

Warm regards from Poland,

Annie said...

I have heard of Bollywood but have never seen an Indian film. But then, I hardly see any films because I enjoy reading novels so much more.

Keshi said...

Good review Jeevan. Wud love to catch this movie some time soon :)



Anonymous said...

lovely reading your review indeed can soften a human heart...I agree with you...have a nice time!

Jeevan said...

Priya - He did unusual, but perfect in that role.

Maria – Thanks so much for your visit grandma :) have a wonderful time.

Annie – I watch film something selected ones. Reading is very good thing, and do enjoy what u like.

Keshi – Thanks dear, have a nice time watching. Surya is sure a good actor :)

Kalyan – Thank you buddy. It was good time spent on theater, nice posts out in your blog :)