Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May Flowers

P1022820 May Flowers

These flowers bloom ones a year on the month of May, so called May Flowers. In scientific it was known as African Blood Lily. These pictures were taken last year inside Adyar Theosophical Society, grown these flowers beneath the old Banyan tree which adds attraction.


Alok said...

beautiful ..... i am amazed at the contrasts that the pic was able to capture ...


vishesh said...

beautiful :) so live in adyar?

priya said...

Its beautiful Jeevan. Good shot.

geetha said...

Nice. Did you take the pictures in your garden?

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!
Really beautiful!
I wonder if these flowers are planted or self-sown?

Love and peace to you my dear friend!

Anonymous said...


East Bremerton flowers

Ghost Particle said...

amazing! African bloody lily...what a name.

backpakker said...

fantastic picture and lovely colours..its been ages since i visited adyar theosophical society.

Vasanth said...

Those beautiful flowers why are they May flowersis it for it s seen only in May NoNo in my garden its seen even in oct,jan.

Casperbaba said...

nautre at its best.. nd a observer does the rest.. .gr8 work dear frnd.. :)

Kavi said...

Lovely. never knew the science of periodicity !!


Keshi said...

sooooooo pretty!


SwAtI said...

Beautiful!! :D

Jeevan said...

Alok – Thank you buddy, the time it was drizzling when I visited that place.

Vishesh – Thanks, before I live in adyar for more than 20 years and now staying in Thiruvanmiyur. :)

Priya – Thank you :)

Geetha – Thanks, no, it’s a huge garden forest near to my home name Theosophical Society.

Krystyna – I felt it grown naturally. Thanks so much dear friend :) Hugsss, take care.

Theysaywordscanbleed – Thanks.

GP – haha… Thank you bro.

Backpacker – Its plesant for a silent walk and in monsoon time it wonder to be inside this garden. Thank you buddy, I wish u do visit :)

Vasanth – Welcome here, I see! But someone told me like that. Thank you.

Casperbaba – Thank you friend :)

Kavi – Thank you.

Keshi - Thank you dear.

Swati – Thank you beautiful smile :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful :)

*~*Sameera*~* said...

Wish I could see the pic but Flicker is blocked here :(

However,I googled May Flowers and saw them :)

I love the drive by the Theosophical Society area on the way to Besi beach!

Anonymous said...

WoWWW...simply beautiful...along with the set of lovely shots from your last post too...you are doing an excellent job!

Shiva said...

The flowers are beautiful. Never seen a may flower before. Always wanted to see one, live. Thanks for sharing. I'll visit theosophical society during my next visit.