Tuesday, June 10, 2008

De-light colors

Yellow sunshine Least color
Gleam light Shapeless

Yellow sunshine, shining evening
before hitting back Blue Mountains,
eventide still light
further move different colors delight

Least, colors the sky
sunlight the secret behind this sky
hid the sight avoid looking black
only in dark light, colors delight

Gleam from the hidden sun
falling between two mount
sweeping the rainy clouds
the wind blows, rear stops
getting the full view of light enchant

Shapeless clouds, lights behind
comes to view, different shade portrait
lights on Western Ghats like broken stars
display on dark Blue Mountains.


Priya said...

Shapeless clouds, lights behind
comes to view, different shade portrait

How beautiful you have said it here. They are shapeless and thatz what makes u go with it.

Nice pictures.

vishesh said...

hmm...isn't it the GST road?

Alok said...

u hv got a good eye Jeevan .. ur pics are such a treat ... priya picked up my favourite word .. shapeless cloud .. what an amazing description ... could hv never thought abt it


backpakker said...

The photographs themselves are sheer poetry..absolutely brilliant


bindhiya said...

Beautiful poem and pictures!!!

You have a beautiful blog, Jeevan.
and to hear you are from my neighbor state make me more proud :))
Thanks for your kind words at my place...you got it right, am homesick...7th year without seeing my parents...sometimes life just gets crazy.....am trying to be positive..
have a beautiful day!
♥ & ((hugs))

Ghost Particle said...

beautiful description and love your photos, one day will want to retrace it all.

Anonymous said...

very good perception jeevz..beautiful

Jeevan said...

Priya – yes exactly, Thank you priya :)

Vishesh – no vishesh, it’s the road linking Mettur and Satyamanglam towards Mettuapalaiam.

Alok – Thanks a lot friend. It was amazing to see at 7 in evening still lighter the sky.

Backpacker – Thanks so much Lakshmi, hope your Singapore trip was great and looking forward to see more pictures in ur blog :)

Bindhiya – Thanks so much Bindi and welcome to my world :) I don’t know the reason, but it will refresh you if u visit your parents. I wish you all get the strength, think positively and take care.

GP - :) I wish you must too bro. Thank you.

Thooya – Thank you dear :)

krystyna said...

Beautiful, I like sunshune.
Thanks for beautiful poem and photos.
Best wishes!

Resonator said...

Jeevan...beautiful poems and pictures...