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This is one of a very lonely place in the Blue Mountains of Nilgiris, northwest of Ooty. It’s just a 25 km drive from ooty center taking the right narrow path next to Pykara falls on Gudalur road. When searching for some newly places in net rather than the usual tourist visit and I found some places in that Glenmorgan is what we visited on the 2nd day after arriving Ooty. Right oppose to ooty this place is completely silent and more than a tourist place it’s a picnic spot to spent a day, on the day we went it was mixed under cool breeze and sunshine giving enough soothing. It’s a narrow path to reaching Glenmorgan is one besides having tall trees monkeys occupied and grass sloppy hills. As we enter there was a small army camp was going and soldiers where on exercise, army vehicles and horses stayed. Little move further comes this small stream that a flow from few feet high is simpler joy, but it was down to capture and the glenmorgan tea estate welcomes with colorful bloomed flower garden belong to some private estate.

Before reaching the turner and top station in Glenmorgan, we parked on road side of the beautiful lake bank for lunch and it was greenish earth and chillness weather because of being near lake and the little waterfall sound just for only nature and our families the only nosier. After lunch, I and my cousins went around climbing the off-road then to getting a view of the lake, tea gardens and slopes; my wheels are helpful going around myself along the lake road and towards viewer point. The lake is used as fore bay for Pykara power house and fishes been catches in lake. To see our little cousin was disappoint not bringing the fishing hook to catch fish. In the whole trip this is some place unforgettable and the best in all.

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Glenmorgan is one of an oldest tea estate in Nilgiris and a very famous then. Those these days it’s a gateway for Electricity Board workers to reach Pykara power house in Singara which is about 3km down from the hill here. To reach the viewer point and winch station at edge of the hill, one need to get permission from the EB office their; for us it was easy to enter where dad being a government official they leave us sending a guide to explain and inspect whether we are using cameras, which is strictly banned. To our surprise it was something unexpected to see a winch been operated (but not now) towards the steep valley and visible track passes along narrow steps and pipers caring water to the power house. The guide explains that EB workers used to go through the winch besides deep forest and shoals reaching power house and incase of even climbing up/down in the fearing steps.

To know the valley there is called green desert, to the eyesight where it’s only forest and shoals. The winch operation is temporary stop there because of disturbance by wild animals; and few meters away from the end, is said to be a road come tunnel been created for EB vehicle to reach Singara. A small statue of memorial of the chief engineers of the project Sir Henry Howard was kept their behind as lake. One thing is, we get a picturesque view from the edge of mist and green covered mountains and deep forest which is said to be the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary. Getting back from there the sky was nearly closed by dark clouds and just after reaching govt. hostel where we stayed in ooty it was heavier the rain and kick started the strong cold.

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Priya said...

That lakes so beautiful. Thanks for sharing Jeevan and looks like u had a great vacation.

Anonymous said...

beautiful jeevz..

Vishesh said...

beautiful :) i have been to ooty only once...that too a day trip...guess ishould take the less beaten road...

Alok said...

the pics are awesome ... I dont know why I feel so refreshed looking at them ... you must have had a gr8 time


Jeeves said...

Beautiful place:) Looks refreshing...The pics are amazing..

Am In Trance said...

Been There...
The Coolest Place On Earth Bhai..

Thanx For Bringing Back The Memoirs..

Sameera Ansari said...

That was a wonderful description.Seems like you had a real refreshing trip :)

tulipspeaks said...

OMG!! excelllent getaway!! i'm longing for one *sigh..

btwn, yours trully has been nominated for 2 blogger awards:

Best Personal Blog
Most Popular Female Blog

Pls give me your best ranking :)

thanks & hugs!


Keshi said...

so scenic!!

I wanna go there too :)


krystyna said...

I love this kind of landscapes and "green desert" is a beautiful name.
Thank you Jeevan for sharing.

You started this week with many awards. Congratulations!
Visit me, I'll be glad.

Jeevan said...

Priya – Thanks for sharing too buddy, yes we had a great times :)

Thooya – Thank you dear :)

Vishesh – Thank you :) there is so much to explore in Nilgiris and crowd less places pleasures.

Alok – Thanks so much bro, yes of course :)

Jeeves – Thank you. Glad u all liked :)

Am in trance – Thanks for sharing, it was so cool when we visit.

Sameera – Thank you dear, it leaves many memories and revisiting :)

Ammu – Thank you, sure will be there checking.

Keshi – Thank you, it was so beautiful the views :)

Krystyna – Thanks so much krish, awards! Let me check dear friend. :)

Lakshmi said...

Ive been there as a kid..your pics make me want to go there again


gP said...

Hi jeevan! Im so happy you took the trip...great way to unwind and amazing places to see. I am enjoying the photos now. :)

Shiva said...

Well captured and written Jeevan. Gelnmorgan is an amazing place. Glad that you visited it. Also, try out Mukkurithi when you visit Ooty next time.


Unknown said...

jeevan i am from devala in gudalur dist
pls tell me the make of the camera you took pictures with

Barathan said...


Beautiful place. My father born there (RIP). I spent few of my childhood years there... lucky me.

Barath UK