Monday, June 16, 2008

Reaching Nilgiris

Yelagiri hills & Mettur dam

In mid may we were planned for a trip and in wish I was looking forward to visit Valparai in Coimbatore district, but for some reason and doubt of getting leave for dad, it was canceled. Then in between, dad’s friend in Coimbatore urged at least go to Nilgiris where he can arrange govt. hostel in Ooty to stay, which was vacant because of students’ vacation. Before that, dad want’s permission from his higher officer for vacation, ‘though dad wondered and many of us that as soon he asked him leave for a family trip he signed immediately which none gets easily. So it was and then arise another problem in transporting. Dad think if we go on travels they charge more and if get a vehicle, only diesel and driver charge cost. So we thought of taking our aunt’s Scorpio, but here also a difficult that there Scorpio doesn’t have a carrier. Just for our four it was comfortable with luggage and my wheelchair, but we are taking our uncle’s (chittapa) family and we need a carrier. Same time my sister was also on plan to visit ooty and she told waiting to join with us, though she and her parent are feeling lonely visiting and we are to share with their Sumo making our trip comfort and also calling our grandparents with us.

Mettur dam

Waked up early 5am, packed and reached uncle’s place where we all get-together to start our journey. By 7 we left home after packing things, food and everything for our journey. We take the Vellore, Dharmapuri, Mettur and Satyamanglam route to reach Nilgiris; it was smooth an easy traveling from Chennai to till Dharmapuri border and from there for miles the road work been disturbing alike braking the speed. The road we travel passes through Mettur dam’s 16 eye way and the time it was 100 foot water storage and to get the view of the dam right and canals that something seen often in television, but the row of vehicles just behind make us move fast even I take some pictures. From there it started the Western Ghats Mountains on right and the up down roads from Satyamangalam is still a recall of memories of 11 years old where I use to urged my uncle then to leave accelerate the road goes down and making sounds like ‘Veerappa enga irukka?’ (Calling the sandalwood smuggler in those days whom used to be roaming there then) :D

I just want to show my sis we have to enjoy happily our trip in SMS, who is in another vehicle before climbing hills, but to see it was still undelivered even after retuning home and it was over 7pm in evening we started to drive on hills and because of over traffic slow downs the drive reaching Ooty by 9.30pm. I wished there was natures light when climbing on mountains getting the nature visible, though it was dark aright and it was the eucalyptus scent in breeze welcomes. Few km further on hills got the view like multi gems dropped down beneath to my left; and those are the lights from the town near shines in red, green, yellow…. Before arrive hostel, the place we actually stayed in ooty, my sister’s relative arranged a guest house known as Stone House a famous old house in ooty belong to English men period. First we thought to stay their, but there is no more facilities for us, so we left hostel by 10.30 and after dinner it was nearly 12 to leave bed. Already Nilgiris are wet everywhere of rain and it was raining still after arriving hostel the cold ever high we felt that night. If everything was ok then, we would have got a chance staying in Stone House which is so clam reside and a top place to get the whole town under sight.


@nith@ said...

hey jeevan, like ur writing...
thanx for ur wishes...

Alok said...

i enjoy ur travelogues immensely ... and ofcourse ur pics


Priya said...

Mettur Dam is always beautiful and its loads of fun during Aug' festival time. Nice pics Jeevan.

vishesh said...

i have never seen any of those places :( next year i am going there :) hopefully :)

Kavi said...

Good read dude! And great pics. thanks for sharing !

Jeeves said...

Nice pics...Looks like u had fun

Meghna said...

Hi Jeevan,
looks like lots of fun, eh? and those were interesting pics.
I've been to Coimbatore before and it's a lovely place :P

Keshi said...

u r quite the Trotter now, arent ya Jeevan. :) NICE!


backpakker said...

Like your travelogues as they are so straight from the heart..the pics are amazing..mettur dam..I havent beent here in ages


krystyna said...

I enjoyed your post, with those beautiful pics/ specially in large size/. I saw how beautiful is your country. You are great photographer and great guide, Jeevan.
Good luck!

Jeevan said...

Anitha – Thank you :)

Alok – Thanks a lot buddy, glad u liked :)

Priya – its first time on this way, and like to visit again to spend sometime there. Thank you.

Vishesh – do go vishesh, a nice hill surrounded place :)

Kavi – Thanks buddy.

Jeeves – yes, of course, thanks.

Meghna – Thank you dear, I have never been to Coimbatore. Hope u too have lots of fun in vacation with cousins. Take care :)

Keshi – may be;) Thanks dear keshi.

Lakshmi – Thank you buddy, you do wonderful work their. Wish you cover these places sometimes.

Krystyna – these places are not good in pictures, but in real it’s great. Thanks so much for those words praising :)

Shiva said...

Great to see the accounts of your travel. Always nice to take long rides and I can't even think of going from chennai to ooty on road. Hat's off to you man!

Though I have passed by Mettur many times, I never stopped to see the dam. Thanks for sharing the picture!

Ponniyinselvan said...

oh,you have visited my land Metturdam.
Had i known your itinerary earlier, i would have asked you to take photos of my land and house ,which is 8 km from Mettur.And that's the Dam where my husband worked.where i worked.karthik and senthil studied. WHAT a MISS.and i would have given you some tender coconuts.Hm.