Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Got the wished

My Canon
The long time wish or even sometimes the desire exists with new Digital Camera. Canon PowerShot SD850 IS in my hand delight all time looking at the 230,000 pixels colorful LCD. Its nine months since I was waiting for this camera to arrive through my friend’s colleague from US. It was the thing I must be holding right already, but because of some wrong information I missed to urge and avoid giving difficulty to my friend when he was on a project to US. Till then he was urging his colleague friends about my cam whoever left to US, but for some reason their return was delayed.

First of what the entire camera I chose its best is not what I get now, but the one similar to the Powershot SD800 IS this. The SD 850 is 8 Megapixel and what I chose is 7.1 though its costlier in Indian rupee, but not in US and the people get through online couldn’t find the model I selected. Though we can’t expect everything should be perfect, so I prefer to SD850 which is no more less to SD800 which I think best but comparing some options are high in this.

Something I looked important to choose the PowerShot SD 850 IS:

1. Image Stabilizer (for steady, long zoom shooting)
2. 4.0X Optical Zoom
3. 8.0 Mega Pixels
4. Red-eye correction
5. 2.5 inch 230,000 pixels Pure Color LCD
6. ISO up to 1600 and many lighting effects.
7 Weights (165g)
8. Battery Power (230 shots per charge and 700 shots in LCD off)

But to tell truly the disappoint thing in this camera is the weight, little heavier than I expected. The cam body just fits in our hand, which is comfortable pressing shutter button with a support. The zoom can’t be calculated as it don’t show the exact stage in zoom, but no different visible, I must do exercise more with optical Zoom and it was fun zooming something in distance. In addiction I buy a 4GB memory card that can hold more than 1,000 shots in Super Fine to take the maximum quality pictures and in minimum more than 5,000. I like the color of the body in silver metallic, the ultra-slim and stylish look. The first reason to select Canon PowerShot SD 850 IS is for the much less shaking option and it’s the main problem I face more in Digital Cameras taking more shaky pictures. When i was looking for this camera in India it cost 360 US$, but the same thing cost me 227 US$ brought in US. Hope power shot portrait colorful to heart and sight, with your entire wish.


Priya said...

Good for you Jeevan. Now we can loads of pics' coming up in your blog right. Have fun and thaz what life is all about and enjoy your new camera.

vishesh said...

it looks cool :)

krystyna said...

Enjoy your new camera.
Can you imagine that I don't have any camera. I have to buy soon.

Have a wonderful time!

Keshi said...

woohoo good on ya Jeevan! :)

Enjoy it!



hai jeevan,
This is my first visit to your blog.i liked it very will take me some time to read all the posts.But definitely I will.
me too blog.
do visit.
i wait for you.
take care...

Kavi said...

Congratulations !! All the very best with the new gadget !

Alok said...

u finally managed to get this one .... heavier is better :)


Alok said...
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Ash said...

Wow, thats wonderful. Looking forward to seeing lots of images on your blog now. Congrats!!!

Jeeves said...

Hope to see more pics from new camera...

Jeevan said...

Priya – Thanks so much priya, it was so interesting with camema :)

Vishesh – Thank you :)

Krystyna – Thanks dear, I wish you get one soon and to see ur beautiful capturing :)

Keshi – Thanks dear :)

Man in painting – Welcome here and thanks so much for your visit:) sure would check and let we know.

Kavi – Thank you nanba :)

Alok – hum… after a long wait, yes weight is not heavier taking quality pictures. Thanks bro :)

Ammu – Thanks, my vote for u :)

Ash – sure u can expect. Thanks a lot ash, you all are my encouragements :)

Jeeves – Sure buddy :)

Anonymous said...

wow..good luck jeevz. waiting to see more photos from you..well keep it safe buddy, i am coming to see you again..we will take some shots from this cam