Thursday, November 27, 2008

Strike before it bites

IMG_1572 mosquito

Terrorist strikes in Mumbai :( what can we do is just sympathetic than nothing. Every time we condemn the incident and I to express that we need union between people, but what’s wrong is not in our hands. I think often is there any other punishment to those take another lives than sentence to death, but I feel if they truly realize there harm to others would get the lifetime punishment in lack of peace and happiness. Could that possible with terrorist or some other anti-social people? Definitely the answer can be no or hardly impossible. I see they are built up structures to harm, where constructor are hidden somewhere; the operations done by them remotes operates by someone.

India is peace loving country, harmless to anyone and we follow not to be an eye to eye person? Even in these qualities of people there lives another little species, the mosquitoes. In my views they remains the reason how terror strikes are happening even there are tight security. In our everyday lives these small species threat us with bites, which disturbs the slumber at nights and in wet seasons, so we make prepare ourselves with mosquito nets and repellent to keep ourselves safe from bite and vexation. Even though some mosquitoes enters to make annoy our peace slumber, like that however we protect ourselves with defense and three difference security forces there are few entry of terrorism happens occasionally. Even then we try to find out which passage is available to mosquitoes and make tight package against there entry, as well we might tighten our security after the terrorist enter into territory to create violence and then we to give importance. In the run over times after which gets to normalcy we reduce the security and look blank without any idea from which side the terror strikes.

Whoever, when the mosquitoes to bite won’t we protect and hit before it bite or just leave it to bite and go? Whomever, we aren’t exception in this, does we? The terrorism is like that, we can’t show kindness towards them when knowing they are born to injure. When the bloody violence getting stage we are speechless and idle to express our strong condolence and anger. We don’t know how the government going to deal with terrorism in future, but our entire wish could be no terrorism in any territory around the world.

The picture of mosquito was taken today morning with macro shot when it falls down after a short circuit with power bad.


*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

That's a good perspective buddy.I wonder when it will be implemented thought.But looking at the other side,if this happens many an innocent will be taken to task as well.

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...


Annie Wicking said...

Once again, You my dear friend, Jeevan, has opened my eyes into your world. You have made a great comparison between terrorism and the fear of mosquitoes, thank you for sharing this with us.

I wish you and your family much love and peace.

All my very best wishes to you my dear friend, Jeevan. ((Hugs))


vishesh said...

true...lets hope we get some peace :)

krystyna said...

I'm so sorry about this sad news.
Why???...Why people do that?

Peace and Love to you dear Jeevan
and to your beautiful country!

Jeevan said...

Sameera – everything yet defeats or has already. wish nothing happen about like this in future.

Annie – Thanks so much for you wishes and love dear friend. Hugs :)

Vishesh – hum… lets assure :)

Krystyna - Thanks for you wish, hope everything gets normal soon. Think I have something to tell on that in my recent post.

Lakshmi said...

we have to act jeevan..u are so right

Miladysa said...

An excellent comparison!

From now on I shall think of them as such.

Ponniyinselvan said...

dear jeevan,
terrorists or fanatics?
If the elders want to take revenge, or want to enjoy supremacy, power etc, they should come to the battlefield directly.
Why mesmerise these "Teenagers " and slaughter them.All those who were sent to do this massacre were between 18-28. I strongly condemn this as much as i condemn terrorism.

Shuuro said...

no worries, current status will not be altered. we will not act on perpetrators in pakistan.