Monday, December 01, 2008

Chennai rain 08

After the conclusion of rain, its skies with open and close up to sun shine often. Last week Chennai experienced the worst monsoon in its half decade to wonder still more streets are immerse under water even after couple of days without rain. Our main streets were watered over a foot or half makes harder the vehicles movement and it’s up to the courage to move the struck vehicles in water entered silencer. More hesitate brought everyone within home watching television on often flashing of ‘operation cyclone’ and flood results at varies places within state. So, yesterday went out witness the flood situation on my way towards marina and to a relative house. It was water at every interior road which gives not much a floating experience and it wonders me to see rain water to stay this long, whether within a day to reduce almost. Just our apartment lays rise, the water distance itself, but it supports the whole movement. It was something inverse in our area, like high and low tide in sea, it raise and down in level of water with least reductions. Seeing and knowing other parts of places with water, I feel we experience better than any other place in receiving almost power supply and escape from water login. Below are few pictures, clicked on my way.

Thiruvanmiyur Rajaji Nagar, near my home

Thiruvanmiyur DR.Radhakrishna Road

Thiruvanmiyur DR.Radhakrishna Road

Adyar Parameswari Nagar

Inner road of marina beach

Marina beach which is on reconstruction and beautification


ghost particle said...

bro...hope all is ok now.

the water is receding right? thats good.

take care brother.

Priya said...

That looks terrible. Hope water is receeding and thing are ok.

starry said...

Jeevan thats a lot of water.I hope its not too bad where you live.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Why does Chennai get innundated every time it rains? Its time the authorities did something about it!

Btw Jeevan, I have got something for you on



Ramyah said...

That's a very terrible sight. Hope things are getting better now.

Keshi said...

I saw this on News. Even Sri Lanka is experiencing floods right now and ppl died too. Its sad. I hope everything will be ok soon.

TC Jeevan!

Premyscakes said...

Hi Jeevan, i too belong to chennai, all these days have been phoning my sis asking about the chennai road conditions. It is so hard see from your pics and can figure out my area (porur) in chennai. But some how iam happy to c your blog with chennai pics. catch u later.

Miladysa said...

Shame :[