Wednesday, December 10, 2008

In and around

Cheese ball

Another travel lateral to OMR, it’s now ECR. Traveling on the east coast road is always fun and boost for smooth ride loving. This time with a purpose to ride our family to Mamallapuram, I get another traveling opportunity on my favorite lane with cousins and grandparent. It was merry go around with my bros and sisters. It was raining half our way and drizzling carried on breeze pleased. Our pet Maya was chilling in moving wind and so keeping her face outside window enjoying the weather. Even it was Bakrid, the mamallapuram doest fail to get attention by many visitors. After dropping our elders at great-mom’s place, I and cousins went around just like that or even to burn our times instead waiting for there conclusion and visit too two more relative place next to another.

I didn’t brought my wheels, so I can’t move specially anywhere than out looking. Many things have changed and improvements on progress. I wonder what really is not! In the beautification progress they have changed the genuine things around. Esp. the cheese ball has missed its amazing stance for and stories said behind this globe like structure standing on this slide, immovable for human and animals’ power. It was something back hard to climb on the sloppy rock to touch the cheese ball, but it was touched today easily in few steps. It has a slider narrow substance on the rock which we slide and play then and even now it receives same joy for little foot distance. It’s more than a decade back I climbed on this rock and many times we visit this rock yet it is near to our sis home.

Must say the tourism department is taking good steps to save the remaining structures and rock cut sculptures to maintain properly, even in cost of visitors. I really wish let that’s be a rumor what the entry fee is very different from country visitors to foreigners. Sure I must go around in my wheel soon before I lose insight memories of the places I visited back. It terms I am looking around from outside fencing. Even deriving the rain and cloudy weather staying before the cheese ball, we tasted ice-creams get by our sweet sister. It was fun looking Maya as we all having ice-crème and she was whining for and all along she was fellowship riding. Mamallapuram is home town to my sis and who was visiting our home in Chennai. After calling dad to know that it would take some more time to return, so we decide to go around the town, colonies and shore. Sure it was something I will continue at my next post.
ECR on rain

To those unknown about Mamallapure, it is a very famous place for rock cut structures belong to 7th centuries, carved by Pallava Dynasty; which is just 45 km away from Chennai on ECR.


Priya said...

That seems like a morning mist.

Jeeves said...

The second pic is nice and misty

krystyna said...

It is good to know about Mamallapure.
The Cheese ball looks amazing and must be a big attraction for visitors.

Thanks for sharing...
Take care
and have a good day, dear Jeevan!

Vishesh said...

ECR is always fun :) though the traffic has increased of late :)

Ponniyinselvan/karthikeyan said...

Its always a pleasure to travel in the ECR road.

Keshi said...

I luv luv luv that last pic WOW!

Some day I hope I'll drive down these roads with u? :)

Come to my blog..u won too! ;-)


Kavi said...

Wonderful. Thanks for sharing ! And keep it going.

Lakshmi said...

beautiful :)

அமிர்தவர்ஷினி அம்மா said...

nice photographs jeevan

cheese ball - superb view.

good post

Jeevan said...

Thank you all.

Thanks for letting me a winner keshi. If that could be possible, nothing matters :)