Friday, April 03, 2009

A dream on consciousness!

Peace globe Matrimandir
Matrimandir, a peace globe in Auroville near Pondicheery.
We are just born to live and we bear nothing to go. In between we claim something that belongs to us, which is not. We’re just traders and not proprietors to this world, so what does we fought and pain carried on each other days? The one we own is only our life. That too lives up to we live. And what are we chasing behind in money, rank, religion or laird may remains, but do we are are impossible. Today we make for us or to our children’s future, but how far things stable is uncertain and inevitable. There nothing belongs to anybody and it’s the trust that we had on earth is human being. The one authority that controls the self is conscience. When we have everything in, what are we searching for things physically and something in name alone? What we believe in world is truth, and if not the human being, I could not see anything more than the conscious.

The other days I dream this world a place gives importance to human and not where he belongs and what he believes or his position; a world that prevails in true to self and conscious. People care for each other in concord of being human and support in term of stress and misery, share whatever the joy, where young ones are learned about human value and to think beyond there family and friends. Everyone gets equal opportunity to chose there carrier in education and employment, not alone depend on marks, but also encouraged by talents and interest, sweeping away the mockery and reservation based on religion. Where the ego, destroys the separation and makes equation between poverty and rich, of high and low status people. The authority that truly depends on conscious and truth, more than enjoying the power, uses the opportunity to work on there responsibility and make things easier to share.

The belief that kept individual and the self that does not disturb the consciousness of others. A unity among people with varies self and belief, in basis on human; and wealth that does not decide the relation, the competition that only based on opportunity and merit, not to displace the relationship. Something that interest me to think about unity and consciousness, something that matched my dream and to know there was an ideal world exist within nature and the essence to live among human being. Auroville is one place I heard and felt unity among humans and a piece of land that signifies a Peace of land. I was too surprise with peoples approach with good will and works done with no distinguish in gender. After visiting and learn about this place, these days I wish I live in such environment and practice the consciousness to live and let live in peace.


Preetilata【ツ】 said...

so very true jeevan. even our body body is not our own when we die.

so all this fight and hatred over possesions etc are absolutely futile. as it is said "how much land does a man needs when he dies"..just a handful to be burried or burnt but that too is not for forever.

love and peace is what we all need, to be a human and to live like a true human.

nice and very insightful post.

piece of land -> peace of land. i loved this one a lot. nice to know that u hv found such place.

take care jeevan

yamini meduri said...

nice write up Jeevan...u showed your readers the most important things in life..!!1

i agree with u that it is not the money or fame that is important..what is important is the love we share and that which comes back to us...!!!

its nice meeting you Jeean...evey post of yours is being so beautiful that its been a life's lesson all the time...!!!

good going dear...take care..!!!

yamini meduri

Shuuro said...

I've nothing more to add than what other two commentators had said it so well. most of the people realize this only when they have free time to think of meaning & purpose of our lives. I heard about that place too, seems to be very good.

Kavi said...

Neat read. And it just lets you know that there is hope for the future !

Thanks for sharing. As usual

Devika said...

Peace is a good topic for Summit conferences and talks...

If man is a social animal -- the animal part will definitely keep showing up....howsoever we tame ourselves...

They say heaven and peace are not meant for this world...and this world wouldn't be so exciting if it were peaceful....

Like ice, frozen...and is it worth?? i'm asking you the same question you asked Maddy at his blog :)

never mind Jeevan..we sometimes need to take sides as we go...but natural! :)

good reading you, as always Jeevan


Devika said...

I didn't mean to undermine your good thoughts here, my dear

just wanted to say, what I felt about it all :)


humanobserver said...

Must be a great place to live in.

Indrani said...

So well written.
I have there a couple of years back, I feel like going to Pondicherry again.

Keshi said...

A very good post Jeevan!

Nothing is our's to keep yet we cling on to all of this...


Rakesh Vanamali said...

Have heard a lot about this place! Wonderful write-up! I wish to go there someday!

Jeevan said...

Preetilate – very true and u added thoughts to this post. Thank you dear. At last our lives are invisible to remain only in other memories. The ashes that blown into air or dissolved into sea as sediments, whatever the things remains within earth to invisible. Though if we’re enough being true and nature, the world could remains somehow peaceful.

Yamini – Thanks so much dear. Your words are encouraging! I learn life through you all and mine is just a reflection of your many thoughts.

Shuuro – True bro. Realization makes life easier and not just in following what others do. I felt this place was less in peaceful and silence not alike my earlier visit to auroville some 9 years back. Thanks.

Kavi –I hope there is tomorrow to live today but not at a future that’s inevitable. I could dream and wish, but I can’t hope my environment change where I am not stable forever. Thanks kavi.

Devika – Thanks for sharing your thoughts dear. Peace always happens to spell out from leaders, and normal beings sound mean to protest. So true, more than a line, curve looks pretty, where line is peace to an adjustable curve to run peaceful as river. I wish at least we can look for peace at a piece of land, to turn world’s attention sometime. I like you and others to come share there thoughts on the blog post, than just to praise alone. Thanks :)

Humanobserver – absolutely :)

Indrani – Thank you! It’s a wonderful place to live beside nature.

Keshi – Thanks dear… and u r right too.

Rakesh – Thank you bro. I wish you get there sometime.