Monday, April 13, 2009

Let we live and see mom

After so long, more than two and a half years, just sharing through blogs and cell phone, there was an intense how long could I make her wait for me to visit? Each time we call either, there was a silent understanding between us more than words. Living near within a city, the opportunity came only lately and I happen to think it’s not the time and distance but the desire that brought closer. If I haven’t moved, the distance would be stayed far away, but now I loved the movement which gave more happiness to me and her. On the line there are some more willing to have me around and I hope the movement is not far away. Sometimes I want to hate for being ignore myself, to not think about the awareness I gonna create by moving around as much possible and surprise my dears at behalf.
Meeting with Karthik amma
Sunday seems to be an exciting day except from my usual being and what special about the last one was meeting my dear mother Kalavathi. Not many know her here by name, because she exists behind her son Karthik’s blog. She is a mother who lives in her son’s memories and no where we could find solace to her soul, which makes her suffer every minute and even beyond that I could see her courage to live and to give others. The noon was gloomy and roads that less crowed of vehicles made easier the move; and as we get in her home, she was little busy at preparing lunch and as soon she saw us, she was so happy to greet us all with warmth and smile, which made me so please like ever. It was the first time I am meeting someone from blog at there home, whom was both a friend and mother. More than I know her and karthik through blog, our communication through cell phone make aware each other well and understood.

After a small converse we head to have lunch and could not believe how many a women can prepare all alone, bearing stress and strain. Wherever we go, we can’t have these kinds of food, served with more love and affection, to make one feel doesn’t want to leave and stop eating. hehe… I don’t know how she knows I like biryani and it was so delicious with chicken gravy and quail fry. Every minute she conveys me to feel like being at my home and not to be restrained. I really wonder at her attitude and the interesting person lies in her; and how fun loving women then, when everything turns down today in lose of her own world - son. I haven’t talked much and she kept asking me to talk something, but I don’t know what to talk before listened a lot, and throughout her life, at every instant she remembers her son, which makes her humble in voice and her eyes was something couldn’t hide the sorrow. I am sorry mom.

She told her younger son was early waited to meet me, but some work made him unavailable at present and it was so nice to know he helped her in many ways special because I am coming. And I am thanking him so much, to meet sometime soon. Kalavathi amma was a retired school teacher from government school, and she no more worries about working in a school with high rank to work as a lecturer in top universities, but she pulled down herself to spend with her lovely son. The moment seems ever ending, but the time forced us to move and I hope alike me this opportunity makes both of us to come closer to share our knowledge, memories and sense. I hope one day we work together on our wish and interest. I am so glad to meet you here, and I assure am here to listen to you always and like to continue with u in this journey of suffer and happiness in life.


Kavi said...

The stuff that you do, clearly make you stand out and stand tall.

This incident is one such. My kind regards to her and to you too !


yamini meduri said...

that must be a great visit..!!!

i am glad that i enjoy that company every day with ma mom....she is the best..!!!

Annie Wicking said...

It is lovely for us to meet this special person in your life.

Thank you for share your moment with us.

(((Hugs))) to you both, Jeevan

Priya said...

I am glad you met her and shared with us.

My best wishes to her.

Shionge said...

I think we felt so near with you & your Mom and thank you for sharing this with us.

Jeeves said...

Really glad you met her and shared this with us.

Keshi said...

what a 'memorable' meeting! Im so happy u met her.

ur Writing suggests u hv a beautiful and a PURE heart Jeevan!


Basanth said...

Hi Jeevan,

Came across your blog when I was browsing for dance festivals. I just wondered if you read books. If so, please read 'Tuesdays with Morrie'. It's a wonderful book, which I think you'll enjoy.

Shuuro said...

glad that you enjoyed your visit

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan,
I am so glad that I could meet Karthlik's mom here.. Thank you so much for sharing. She is great woman. It is so nice that you both have a good, supporting relationship.
My best wishes to you both!

Ghost Particle said...

heartwarming brother, finally you get to meet amma. its been a nice long happy journey for you, lets live the moments forever. i think karthik will be smiling from up there. love all, all is love.


Ponniyinselvan said...

Dear jeevan,Ghost Particle, krystyna,
my heartfelt thanks .
karthik should be smiling with me sitting on my lap.
I am not retired but I got Voluntary retirement as i have lost interest in everything. I have still 8 more years of service but everything has ended with karthik. Thanks for having honoured me with your visit and your post.
karthik amma