Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A week with cousins

The days go by obvious is a change is need and learning process that never ends; even I get nothing to think serious and enjoying with cousins. These guys never give me chance to be usual and just want me to share there space and time. As I love this move, I keep everything next to them and I know everyone have there business to do and it’s a brief occupation that comes occasionally. Being away in time spent on computer and reading, I balance a pleasure between us depend on there moods which don’t stay with a thing for long and get bored soon, and I ask often what can we do next. They are more fascinated on dogs; and even a Google could get tired but not there searching ends. Sometime I even want to scold them for been irritating me talking about dogs and the younger one was scare about dogs, but he talks much and goes on tears often clashing with his brother and he keeps a distance from Maya and uses the chance to hold her chain to make everyone know he is not fear, but it becomes illusion at next minute Maya behaves mischievous.
One night we went to beach, wandered through chitchats after some long time, tasting something spice from a sea front shop. I was warned by dad, but goodness it does nothing to me. The southeast wind began to blow is an addition to the pleasure wanted me to spend the afternoon and nights outside home by playing cards, carom and extending our chat beyond the cool breeze. These guys often make fun by teasing each other, and i manage to make them calm, but yesterday it went beyond our control. It all begins the day game boy was brought and trouble starts by who plays it often. Both of them held each other and decide to apart, but none want to leave me, so either had went to granny’s place to come next day leaving me alone today. I do tell these guys made my days these days and helped in many way with my activities and exercise; and not alone for that I wish both of them return calm early. This short separation wants me to claim that, even I can’t understand some well known people and how far these teens and kids are. How often could I learn and examine the misery without experiencing it as positive? Sometimes I do feel the relationships haven’t come for me and not at interest, but I can’t deny there wasn’t love and care. For whatever the reason they wish to stay with me, I greet them always and came to a state in late that I won’t urge anyone to stay with me.
We watched Slumdog Millionaire, and I do wonder what makes this film into Oscar, but there was something I view it tells the world, that practical experience teaches someone more and to see illiterate doesn’t less to anyone. There was something we amaze upon the areal view of dharavi. The childhood parts are funnier and felt how well they captured the face of India esp. the rag picking scene which still exist around our cities. I really loved the beginning and end, and I wish these types of movies comes more and more than fantasy, we need movies that capture the truth. What can we expect and enjoy in quality of sound and vision when watching it in local DVD!


Sujata said...

Jeevan ..nice post. I agree with you about Slumdog and how it made it to Oscars. I was almost shocked after the blinding scene in the movie!

Indrani said...

I was reminded of my cousins and the wonderful time with them. :)

Devika Jyothi said...

seems quite a good time you had, Jeevan

Celebrate life every moment of it, dear. :)
Good to see you all there :)


Lakshmi said...

Its always nice to spend time with cousins..I didnt think Slumdog deserved pscar..

Shuuro said...

nice that you had a good time and i suppose children are like that only. not relating to this, just like to suggest you to watch WALL-E, if you have not seen it already. I think this movie deserves oscar more than Slumdog.

Shionge said...

Great to spend time with your cousins Jeevan and thank you so much for visiting my blog :)

Slumdog Millionaire deserved to win and it raises the awareness of everyone the plight (cast system etc) Indian faced even at this time & age.

I have alot of Indian friends and I understand the problems faced by all.

Unknown said...

it seems you spent a nice time with your cousins.

- bsk

Keshi said...

Cousins, beach, good times, laughter...some of the best things in life Jeevan! Im glad u had it all recently :)

Slumdog...can ya believe Im yet to see it!

And I agree...reality should be shown more often in that ppl know how some others live in this world.


Rakesh Vanamali said...

Good times Jeevan! I agree, the process of learning never stops.....theres something to learn from everyone and everything!

Jeevan said...

Sujata – Thanks, this movie wasn’t unusual to those in India, and I don’t see anything more special.

Indrani – glad it reminds u :)

Devika – Thanks dear. Even they leave me; I am not feeling alone because of u all here :)

Laskshmi – so true and I agree on slumdog.

Shuuro – I wish to watch Wall-E, but I couldn’t get the DVD and chance to visit theater. should watch sometime. Yes, children are like that and I realize somehow one need to come down to there level to practice.

Shionge – Thank you, but how well people caught up the problem seems nothing more to change.

Karthik B.S. – yes :)

Keshi – Thanks dear. Have nice time watching and let we know what u feel about.

Rakesh – True bro :)

humanobserver said...

I will give 3 out of 5 for Slumdog.