Monday, April 06, 2009

Sea front

Sea front
This guy in the picture was sitting sometime on this lonely boat late evening at Palavakkam beach, facing sea front. None could guess what he might think about, but we could think about from his view point? ‘U guys too try to know your point of view’.

Below follows mine:

I felt how well these waves could rise ashore to grab the boat into sea unsteadily, to see myself into the sea by floating to fulfill my dream.

Wonder how sea is bound enough with an illusion line that separates the sea and sky for our views, even we know its vast, could not be measured and never the cause it meets.

The adorable full moon nights, where the moon lit fall on surface of the sea. The shadows of angels kiss by the moon lit light, where the solitary boat fascinates the shore as well distinguish the motion of silent waves.

A shoulder of her/him to bear my/there hands, to site beside to share the moment of joy and misery. The friendship/love embrace like the waves touch and kiss the sand at constant irregularly.

I am uncertain with this boat standing all the days and nights, under rain and sunshine to fade its true color.

By zoom I find the boat with two names, read Nicholas and K Suramean (shark) – I guess these name belong to the owners of the boat and the word Nicholas remind me the Santa clause and actor Nicholas Cage!

I think why not I take this boat into sea to catch some fishes for myself to have? - Unlike a boat that arrived late evening by stretching its blue fence into wind, looking forward the crowd gather on sea front and to fishermen to see those fishes sold at sustain price. To take away home the pride and certain smile.

At rear the waves are so rough to touch the boat and drench legs those standing.


Devika said...

This was interesting, Jeevan...feel like getting into the minds of other people??

one area where I fail miserably! :)


Shuuro said...

perhaps, vast expanse of sea gives him peace of mind. :)

Jeeves said...

He is looking at infinity and peace.

humanobserver said...

Sitting at sea-shore and analyse yourself deeply. You will feel like Buddha for quite few minutes.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Great shot and a very vivid description! Very well presented!

Lakshmi said...

I bet u can tell whats on my mind looking at the sea..I like the way u think abt his thoughts..i do it too all the time..

Jeevan said...

Devika – Thanks dear. Nope, I try to feel myself from his view point.

Shuuro – hum… That’s true.

Jeeves - :)

Humanobserver – I like beaches that maintain less silence than those crowded.

Rakesh – Thank you buddy :)

Lakshmi – Thanks, but we aren’t… just we think from our self.

Resonator said...

infinity meeting clouds!!
nice pic brother

happy blogging