Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Up coming fishermen

Up coming fishermen
The boy(in the picture) was spending sometime with her sis at seashore on Sunday, standing tall at all, on this lump of fishing nets, while the elder sun fading away its light to leave last rays on this boy. He must be someone from the nearest fishing hamlet. He was saying something to her sis, to drive her away and he jumped and followed her behind. With no intent, I kept him at the place of a future fisherman. Later I think why I thought him like to be a fisherman than being a literate at a position of engineer, scientist or doctorate. I felt nothing wrong to think like that that fishing isn’t harsh, and where it’s a practice of immense past. Likely taking fishing on basis of traditional, the education what choose is one no need to disturb there future carried on fishing, even they are literate.

It was a long time though in me, why should one should take there career only based to there literate and what they chose to learn; and if it continues who will bear the traditional occupations like agriculture including fishing following from earlier. As if education is a basement of life to construct on it to whatever seems strong. Then why shouldn’t we use our knowledge learned thought education and hard work to improve and maintain the traditional course that brought our lives today and gonna be tomorrow. Education is a largest tool to sharpen our thoughts and knowledge, as if we know, why every tool should lead to mechanism and not to carve the art of tradition? While this was going on me, I think about students who could not understand and develop an interest on the lessons properly and left at margin as sluggish sometime, the education and certificate obstacle to showcase there talent fully.

Comparison is something always with teachers and parents, showing the other children to be shine and to the one to seem to be dull. There is a mockery develop at sustain to keep them disturb and there was a feel people could not see the other side of there ability except educate though text books. I am someone low average at exams and failed at some attempts, and when I think now, I could sense nothing have understood then except the practical lessons and what have I read aloud however not stance into mind. Thanks to Aamir Khan’s TZP, it somehow helps the world to understand and eye open that all children are not same and every child is special with ability to understand lessons on different method. Back to fishermen, it’s not worse a thing call fishing or hunting some lives, to survive and to serve people like me whose favorite dishes are fish. These days fishing seems reduced to certain limit and least amount of boats and people are involve in fishing, there was a reduction in fishes and rise in price. And don’t know how many next generation people are going to make career the fishing than just leave it as a pass time. Education is must as well there is nothing wrong in keep tackling the tradition. May I right or wrong, but I expressed what’s on my mind.


Shuuro said...

nice post jeevan. another thing is, we judge people's career by amount of money they make and not by their job satisfaction.

Kavi said...

Neat post mate. As usual. Makes you think as to what is to be really valued. And thats beyond whats seen on the surface

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Keshi said...

If fishermen didnt follow their 'passion', we'd hv no fish to eat.

Point is, we all must follow OUR own passion, not the society's passion.


Rakesh Vanamali said...

Very well illustrated Jeevan! I'm happy that you appreciate the finer side of life!

Devika said...

Nice to read this Jeevan,
we somehow are used to set thought patterns when it comes to eductaion and choosing a career..i love farming!

so you a fish-eater??
i can't live without!


Ash said...

Brilliant post, Jeevan!

Shionge said...

Great post Jeevan and we must all be proud of one's profession :)

Sujata said...

Nice post Jeevan

Karthik B.S. said...


Rajesh said...

Most of the time your carrier is decided by people around you. Slowly trend is changing. A doctor's son need not be a doctor

Resonator said...

nice read brother..

happy blogging