Thursday, April 16, 2009

Weekend trip to Pondicherry -2

27-28 March, 2009. (check part 1 here)

Silver beach cuddalure
Near silver beach cuddalore
After spending the night in cuddalore, the next day our families wanted to visit a temple and so went. It was a temple lies in outskirt of cuddalore, is a quite residential area almost pertains to agraharam. I and cousins stayed within SUV to leave others to visit the temple, and the streets were obviously clean and homes were seemed belongs to traditional and every home have the symbol of sacred – Namam. From there we left to Silver beach in cuddalore, and it was empty though leaving the sea to shine in blue to open sunny day, beside the quite nature made harbor in were fishing boats float is one surprise. After checking the chunnambar boat club, which is on our way from cuddalure before 8km from Pondicherry, is one wonderful place to take boat rides beside coconut groves and lagoons which would give a feel like moving around Alappuzha in Kerala. But we couldn’t get the change to explore the beauty again, because of inadequate boats that could not carry me with wheel chair. It was an unforgettable place and ride which I took some years back, was one more expected think in this travel.
Pondicherry beach
Pondicherry beach
Manakula Vinayagar Temple elephant Lakshmi
It was noon when we were at Pondicherry beach and would be the only people to wander around a hot sunny day. The beach seems empty though without waves to crush the dropped rocks on shore. More than viewing, it was my late turn memories gathered around the shore, the droplet of waves that sprinkle on my face and the night cold breeze to blow and a lost soul to remind, in peace like the silent waves. It was time aurobindo ashram was closed to reopen only by 4pm, and we have no time to wait and want to return home that evening, so we skipped and our families visited the Manakula Vinayagar Temple. After having lunch at one good restaurant and pay fine to police for entering a no entry avenue, we head to Mudaliar kuppam boat house.
We had a wonderful journey across the backwater canal in Mudaliar kuppam, which exists one of my wish to have boat ride for sometime and there was a desire that still untouched to have a ride is on sea. This time I am able to move into boat with my wheels and I thank the people who develop this boat convenient to elders and disables. They take us about 2km into the backwater canal, where we saw birds swim around and fly at near distance in vibration of boats, and some guys were catching prawns by crawling and swimming aside we move. The times any boats come across us the movement seems exciting and I feel like everything moves around me and not that I proceed. We spent sometime on the boat house seeing those vary boats and some activities taken by guys on water scooter. It was a boat house about 75km from Chennai is a pleasant place for a day trip on ECR. While returning, the evening seems wonderful with reflections of sun and fun trail with cousins.
Mudaliar kuppam boat house
Mudaliar kuppam boat house

ps. I regret if I couldn’t be here often and comment at your blogs for sometime. Change is inevitable sometime but somehow I am enjoying the moment spent with my cousins, whom expecting me the same. They have arrived home yesterday on the summer vacation and I will try to be active here and there as much possible. take care.


Shuuro said...

nice writing & pictures jeevan. great that you enjoyed boat ride.

Sujata said...

Nice writing Jeevan. I enjoyed reading your post.

vishesh said...

I think it is time I do go for the boat ride :P

krystyna said...

Thank you dear Jeevan,
beautiful trip and very interesting written, wonderful photos.. And Great that you can move into boat.

Enjoy your time with cousins!

Kavi said...

looks like you had fun !!

Great to know that

Take teh time and spend time with cousins ! its so important !!



Indrani said...

Lovely post, Jeevan.
Thanks for this virtual trip.

Lakshmi said...

its been a long time since i visited Pondy..seeing your pics, Im quite tempted..Will have to wait for oct-nov

Priya said...

Now you make your readers to go for a trip when we see ur pictures posted here. Nice job.

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Devika said...

Nice reading your travelogue, as always Jeevan

and enjoy your time with your cousins, my dear

Happy Days!


monsoon-dreams said...

glad to know that u had a good time.i have visited pondi was too hot then.but i liked the beach.hope to go there once more,in a better climate,ofcourse.

Anya said...

Thank you for your sweet words about my poem :))
Wonderful blogsite you have,
Its beautiful !!
I'll coming back to reed it ;)

Anonymous said...

Lakshmi is a beauty..

humanobserver said...

I loved the bird shot very much. I wish you could have shot them very closely.

Keshi said...

WOW great pics Jeevan!

hv fun with ur cuzns. It doesnt matter that u cant be in blogs right now. Enjoy the good times!


Rakesh Vanamali said...

Wow Jeevan, brilliant work! This is what I call enjoying life to the fullest! Am glad for you!

Jeevan said...

Thanks so much everyone, i had wonderful times at pondicherry and boat ride, and been enjoying here at moment with cousins. take care all, :)

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Prabhu Ramakrishnan said...

hey my man jeevan nice blog and nice post i felt like i was there with you.... keep writing:)

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