Monday, July 20, 2009

On grandma's memory

Droplets rose
Sunday marked my great grandmother’s first Memorial Day, and at home there was an oblation to mark the day and except dad, who reminded by her last moment at hospital was most strike me, but I couldn’t sense anything great more about my grandma on this day and I hardly come across by her thoughts. That’s nothing mean she isn’t so special to me to remember, but when did I forget or miss her to remember. Though I feel her disappearance was only in physical, and mind really stable at sustain that she lives somewhere and connected forever. Few people asked me did your grandma come on your dream and I said no, and it was not in my wish or right what dreams should exists.

She was the most caring person in the world towards me and no grandma is exception to this emotion. Even she was old, she was my good companion on times being alone and no one at home, in case of unavoidable circumstance. Recently I remind her more and felt bad being missed, leaving away whatever I feel sustain about her through mind. There’re moments fragile between us or anyone at home, but it never last more and simple words are enough to cool her and she always want someone to care for her and being enquired often, to get replayed the most not bad. We can’t accept the instant depart of someone lives throughout our lives and there was no sustain feeling of being missed unless deep sense.

She wished to travel and see few places at catching distance; including the one was MGR grave in Marina beach. Thinking her health condition we don’t take her out often and it was still the hurting thing that we can’t even fulfill her little wishes and dad really worry saying this sometime we move around. To my memory, the last time we took her out was to her native village few months before her depart and surprisingly we made a visit to her village on the same month this year brought back those memories. She was an adherent fan of Chief Minister Karunanithi and believed whatever he do is good for people, and she also openly supports his part and gets argued with us. She loves comedy and her favorite ones are Vadivelu comedies; and if she sees him on screen, she sit back and enjoy, and also scold us sometime if we turn channel or disturb her views. She is so much attached to our lives, and it’s hard to believe she is departed and would be remembered not alone on a specific day or moment.


Shuuro said...

Can relate to your post jeevan, my grandma died due to cancer.

Kavi said...

I am sure she lives in your memories. And the impact she has left in you will shape your life forever.

Trust me. I speak from experience. A very touching post indeed.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Grandparents are wonderful people! They are truly an inspiration and a source of extreme comfort!

Like Keshi said, she will remain a very important part of you and will help you navigate through the course of your life!

krystyna said...

I remember your post about this day one year ago. It was touching as today's first Memorial.

You know, Jeevan,
I still miss my grandma. It was almost 30 years ago.

Take care,

Keshi said...

This post brought tears to my eyes...cos it reminded me of my granma too...especially her funny remarks and how she uses to scold us when we did something silly...

*HUGZ* Jeevan! May ur granma read this from wherever she is and bless ya with her love again.


Jeeves said...

She lives on, in your memories

Ghost Particle said...

god bless her fine soul brother. im sure shes proud of you :)

Devika said...

As per Hindu tradition, so much attachment to a departed soul isn't advisable, i have read....It only ties the atma back to earth...and not allow it to join the paramatma,

anyway, thats the belief, but we all have loving memories,

nice remembrance, Jeevan :)


PS: you were saying of tomorrow's solar eclipse and shadow of moon on earth...Jeevan, even before man landed on moon, these eclipses have been happening....not to worry too much I think, Jeevan..well it all comes in the news finally :))

Devika said...

Jeevan, i was reading the Newspaper..

today's 'The Hindu' daily had a coverage of eclipse...the totally visible eclipse track goes via central India -- Daman-Surat-Indore - Varanasi-Patna- Itanagar-

Partial throughout the country :)


Anya said...

Nice words Jeevan,
she lives in your memories I now :)

Balaji S Rajan said...


I remember meeting at her at your house. I could understand your feeling. You will be alright soon.

tulipspeaks said...

God bless her soul.


Jeevan said...

Shuuro – grandmas are best supportive to grandchildren.

Kavi – so true buddy, memories are impact someone left for us after depart and I hope her memories ever last.

Rakesh – like some says, we realize there importance more when we miss them a lot. Thanks bro!

Krystyna – nice you remember it dear. A year rolled on, but still her moments are just like yesterdays.

Keshi – I don’t know what to say, but my post has brought back many of your memories on grandmas for happy or sorrow. Thanks dear. Hugs
Jeeves – Thanks.

GP – of course she was bro. Thanks :)

Devika – I see memories last more than anything to believe. I don’t care about the eclipses and we know it’s a part of nature happen occasionally. I have come across many eclipses unseen. Its clouded here, so this time also i can’t see.

Anya – Thanks dear :)

Balaji – I’m ok buddy, and glad you remind her :)

Ammu - :)

Rajesh said...

Grand parents are the nice people to have around as they are kind and caring. They love you unconditionally. She will always be proud of you.

Babli said...

Very well written.I miss my grandparents very much.I know your situation is also the same.They are so lovable and I loved my grandmother most and she expired 4 years before.I miss those golden days which I have spent with my grandparents and those days will never ever come back again.You have written a very emotional post.

Anonymous said...

Jeevan, nice post. It is all about love and affection. Lovely flower.