Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Immense pain

I listen to a voice that speaks heart
and whisper teardrops,
right now in memories of her son

I listen to her silence that says sorry
and immersed in teardrops
that’s merging herself into her son

I look into her eyes that I imagined
and those pretty eyes disclose
a world without sun, alike her son

I look into her mind where her son buried
and ever since he born
she embraces him in hands and mind

I wish peace for her, indeed
who lives a source of life
in memories of her only soul son!

To mom, who quite disturbed and loved to be in memories of Karthik anna (bro).


Jeeves said...

Wonderful tribute Jeevan

Devika said...

Nice poem, Jeevam...and I relate with it in my personal way,



venus66 said...

Hi Jeevan, thank you so much for your visit.I feel so glad to have you at my blog.
You did not see anything?
Maybe you can see it clearly in the picture that I have given some effect.
There is a shape of heart which I feel,it represents the light of LOVE.
Do take care.

Anya said...


Ghost Particle said...

i get very sad every time i read Karthiks blog and his moms words. There is no stronger bond that that of the mother. In life and in death, we find treasures never higher such as love.


exposemaximum said...

Nice flow of thoughts :)

Babli said...

Very beautiful poem with lovely thoughts. Nice tribute.