Monday, August 10, 2009

School time

Those are pleasant moments in memories now, but it never seen to be real in my life. It’s almost an intense eternal struggle I have gone through various moments in school time. Even thought been an average student it never bothers me like the troublesome gestures I had gone through every day in my school times. While looking into the early moments of a school lately in kodaikanal for couple of days, I can’t avoid the thought of unwanted morning hour rush to school in those days. Many a times dad would drop us in school in his bike and along with mom, but they would leave me alone at the entrance of campus, since parents aren’t allowed inside. They know or not, it was something like again waking on wire until reaching my class. Till 5th std all my classes were at first floor and the intense struggle was climbing in steps and walk past the sand ground and slippery pathway, keeping every pace at cautious.
Time for prayer
This might sound simple, but it isn’t that much while caring a fully loaded bag at back and even not. I always wanted to be earlier to school, not that I like more studying or to spare times with friends, but to go before prayer bell rings, so that I could reach my class before students rush for prayer or the way they stand in line to disturb me climbing. In days later when I struggle more to climb steps, the situation seems worst to describe and I felt such disgrace and annoyance in the way students look and ridicule passing while. It isn’t easily to climb steps twice in morning – one for keeping bags and one after prayer, until I get permission from principal to stay in class avoiding the difficulties of attending prayers. But that doesn’t make any big difference in my struggle, and thus it sustains for a year and then I was stopped going for school.

After a year break I went to another school, where I was offered with classes at ground floor and so I joined 6th. This wasn’t that much difficult for me going to school, since the students and teachers are very helpful and allowed my parents to drop and pick up from class itself. The school would begin at 8.30am and only after leaving me at school, mom and dad will go home and get ready my bro for his 9am school and then dad will lead for his 10.clock office. Being special, there’s no restriction for me, even I go late or skip Saturday classes – which I never attended, but I never take it as my advantage unless impossible. Those days, my every day caution and fear would be on ‘I should not fall down’. The hard time in all is crossing the sand ground, and wearing shoes I feel very difficult to move and mom in one hand caring my bag and helping me without falling is the distress we only know.

Mostly the class rooms would be closed till principle arrives; and thus mom would make me sat on a table and leave home. After prayer, the rooms are opened and been settled, my dear class mates will come and help me reaching our class. Like no were ever, I only get to realize what friendship means from them and sometimes the school servants will help me. I really think now what disturbs my concentration from studies is because I think more about my inevitable situation and sustain. Watching the morning activates of this school (check picture) from far away, keeps me occupying the thought about my school days and I wonder looking at those students running here and there, doing all sorts of activities like bustle bees.
Our future hands
From every direction the students kept flowing into the school and many in uniform and color dresses and wearing sweaters, stands together for prayer in the little space available in front of a metal sheet roof class. The students arrives even after ½ an hours school began to run, and those comes after prayer are get to scold by teachers and few are even forced to stand on knee for sometime, as usual every school does. It seems like a private school run by the nearby church and it’s up to primary class. Leaving few, many students use the shortcut routes by jumping small walls, using single foot paths and certain pace on slopes without little scare to reach the school, and it simple strikes. As soon the interval bell rings, the students come out of the class and runs here and there, catching each other and plays in the confined place. But I can’t watch the whole day episode; hence we had to move to visit other places in kodai.

The cottage we stayed had a terrace and from there the views are wonderful and thus this school was obvious from there. Except nights, I always sat on the open terrace watching the happening around the place and clouds passing on hills and our breakfasts are also on the terrace, got chance to watch the school’s activities.


Devika said...

Nice reading you, Jeevan

Jeevan look joyfully at life and memories, my dear..struggles, pain..we all have it in one form or other...and i think we should and will overcome them at each point in time,

best wishes, always

Jeevan said...

devika – yes, I agree everyone had been gone through struggle, pain… but it’s not same to everybody and of course we should overcome them but I see there’s nothing wrong in reminding. I think we should turn back to see the path we come across and there’re more than struggle and pain, but for me it occupies more space. Right now I’m thinking positive, but I can’t avoid those memories and it’s a part of my struggle and in thoughts it may not significant now, but I just thought to express the life at that time, to world today. Thank you dear :)

Kavi said...

Great memories my friends. School always has wonderful memories. For me too !


Anya said...

Long time ago my school days ... LOL
But we have all nice
and also
not nice memories ;)

Anonymous said...

Devika's comment and your response was just perfect.

Babli said...

Absolutely wonderful.I enjoyed reading it and was thinking about my school days.Really it was a golden time and those days will never ever come back.I still feel that school days was the best as I had most enjoyable time and great fun alongwith studies.Excellent post, beautifully described.

tulipspeaks said...

i think my best days of life were my schooldays.. i have wonderful memories of my school. will share with u one day :)


Rakesh Vanamali said...

Wonderful pictures Jeevan! Very well captured!

This place looks so much like Ooty, but am sure its a lot better though!

cyclopseven said...

Time passes by, not the memories Jeevan. Enjoyed reading the post.

Jeevan said...

Thanks everyone for going through the post and hope it recalled yours wonderful memories about u r school days.