Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Surprising soul

In-between the non-stop rain for the last one week, we had a small break for sometime on Sunday so I thought to go out to survey our city, but it turned as a surprising evening for me. Somehow it’s not the rain or the city! It’s a person belongs to charm.
Mr. Andysam
We were yet to move out and just minutes to go, Andrew come against us to completely surprise! It sensed me like ‘not sure’ when he said he likely to visit Chennai in the first week and never informed then came before me as a quite surprise put me wordless! We really became close friends in the last couple of months and I know him for sometime through Flickr.

He is a person I never seen before being such young and enthusiastic in his age of 65! I astonish seeing his many interesting photographs and lately I become a fan of his huge zoom lens! I have talked to him couple of times and I really enjoy his gossip and he used to share stories with me about his earlier life in Chennai and busy life in pune. He’s a great example for life after retirement and more like a young man he works almost and manages a huge site project in Infosys Pune. In between he travels a lot and captures wonderful pictures.

The first thing that spots him was his coat he often wears. He hugs me before I come out of surprise and he introduce me to his friends as one of his best friend and it was dream come true for both of us. Andrew hoped to meet me, even in between heavy raining and it’s just minutes that save us together and seems it won’t be a matter even we left home, we would have returned to meet this young man and I’m so much interested to meet him.
Group photo with Andrew
(from left) Isaac, andrew, richard, me, dad and mom, maya is sitting below.
After sometime in home, knowing we’re going out he interested to join with us and we went to Marina beach. In between his busy scheduled taking sometime to spend with us is indeed special to me. We had a photo walk inside the service road along the lately developed nature’s pool (staying rainwater) opposite to Vivekananda house in marina beach.

He brought his huge lens Sigma 150-500 mm APO-OS especially to show me, because as I said before I like it very much. He gave it to me to click, but I can’t bear it as it weights 2kg! I wonder then, how he carries this much weight wherever he goes. Along with his friends Richard and Isaac, the evening goes off with great enthusiastic and fun and they’re like very young guys teasing each other.

Usually the marina beach would be crowded immense on Sundays, but being a rainy day and a ban on playing cricket inside the beach throws off less people. It was bikers who were like taking away the charge instead of cricketers racing here and there, splashing rainwater and gushes there joy blindfold.

There were children playing on the rainwater pool and dogs enjoying in the water, some families come across while few vehicles get water washed. First time being their after almost beautification works are done on marina, it doesn’t sense any different!

Andrew shoots some pictures with his huge lens, and one of his shot on an eagle that fly’s far away was simply awe... After conveying good bye to Andrew and his friends with huge hug, we spent sometime off the pool water with cousins and left home after an hour.


Priya said...

Ya he is one of the best and glad you have met him.

Devika said...

Nice post, Jeevan :)
always good to know about interesting personalities...and i'm yet to view the link ( a photo-blog? will do that some other time)

btw, you don't believe in eternal connection of souls? Just read at Cyclops...they say its that connection through the births and rebirths that attract us with people who apparently have no other connection....But then, since its all part of One Supreme Soul...in the final analysis, We are all One...and eternal...just thought of discussing since I saw connecting eternity with bodily remains :)


Anya said...

Its a long story today
but its very interesting ....
Have a wonderful evening :-)

Kavi said...

The friends that you make online are so devoid of any preferences ! Of age or such else !

its just an opportunity for heart to heart contact ! And you seem to have a knack of cracking it well !

krystyna said...

This post with title "Surprising soul" is beautiful as beautiful is friendship!
Jeevan, you are
great man so you meet great friends!

krystyna said...

Really Andrew is a great photographer!
I saw his fantastic photos.

Babli said...

Very beautiful post. I liked the title very much as it is very touching. No doubt that Andrew is a very good photographer.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

What a wonderful rendezvous! Superb post!

Anonymous said...

You know I am planning to but this lens, but it is quite expensive.

venus66 said...

Great post. I am happy for you. Take care.
Thank you for your warm visit.

Jeevan said...

Thank you everyone :)

cyclopseven said...

Yeah..he is definitely an interesting personality. Wonders never cease in life. Every moment is a moment of gratitude. Not many people aware of this, me too:). I marvel at your guts and mental strength fighting the odds, getting to know people, taking wonderful pictures and writing interesting parts of life in this blog. You projects your interest and appreciation towards life in a very simple and approachable manner. I see you are an indomitable person because your strong disposition towards this ever expanding life is damn powerful. Keep up the good work buddy.

Miladysa said...

How lovely!

We never grow old you know, just our bodies age and we become wiser.

I'm only aged 16 inside :)