Thursday, January 07, 2010

A Bug vs. Bud

I am on treatment for a month long now to get cure the mucus clot in chest and there’re months to go still to get dissolve the clot. But now it seems like no more a matter except swallowing 8 tablets per day and again it was my mind that struggles to get clear unnecessary thoughts. I am trying hard to come out of some thoughts, but still I’m being touch with it in some ways.

I’m going through some symptoms lately and now, though they aren’t certainly to be serious and pass like clouds, still somehow I worry in a force. I just want to blog and be active here alike back and sit before the computer, but nothing comes to mind and couldn’t get interest to read or write, and so I move away. At least I just want to post some pictures, but even that could not be done. I’m much worry these days will I lose my ability to be here and I forced a lot myself now to write something here.

In between last week a black bug or beetle went inside my ear bud at mid 2.30 am! I sense like a bug goes inside the ear and before I wake up my dad it went inside and began to buzz or grind, which makes me annoy a lot. We put slide, buds to throw it out, but it refused to come out and kept buzzing inside and besides creating pain and irritation.

Don’t know what to do and the pain was heavy, so decided to go to the near by hospital and checking out couple of hospitals with no doctors and almost closed, the other one was opened with a sleeping doctor. Since it was a 24 hours hospital, the doctor waked up from his sleep and attended my ear. Putting me lay on the cot and switching on the focus light, he tried with small scissors to bring it out and being aware about the bud tone and a non-ENT, he at last tried by splashing water inside the bud and the bug slowly came out and my bro standing beside suddenly take it out.

I thought it was a small one and will come out easily, but only seeing it size we realize our mistake. It was a mid size one in near 2 cm. and seems it has harmed my ear bud. To avoid further harm doctor put an anti septic injection and it was the first time in more than a decade I was injected a medicine. It was disturbing me for couple of days and now fines enough. But mind still at constant pace of worries and might take sometime to be normal and hope to continue reading your blogs soon. Take care. Hugs


Rajesh said...

I am sorry to hear what has happened to you. Just reading it I am scared of the experience. You are really brave to withstand this.
Wish you speedy recovery.

V Rakesh said...

I hope you are doing well now and pray that you feel better and recover at the earliest!

Devika said...

my sister's child once had this...and one whole night I was crying with her,

but now, reading I don't know whether to laugh or make a fuss of a thing past you!

life itself seems a big bug sometimes, humming all around you, if not within.....anyway, take care, Jeevan :)


venus66 said...

Hi Jeevan, you will get well soon.

Anya said...

I never heard about this in our country ???
It sounds very scary Jeevan :(
I hope all is well ....
sounds like a horror movie to me :(
I wish you a speedy recovery
send you many hugs

Babli said...

Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous new year.
I appreciate for your wonderful post. Hope you are fine. Get well soon.

Anna said...

Jeevan sorry to hear about your health issues. I am sure everything will workout on the end, my prayers are with you. You stay well, and keep you spirits up. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Anna :)

Anonymous said...

It was really scary to hear this from you. But dunt worry, It can happen to anyone.

krystyna said...

Fortunately, it ended successfully.

Take care, dear Jeevan!