Sunday, March 28, 2010

NHs and way to pollachi

NH 46
We drive through national highways and I should say national highways lose the charm of traveling and bored due to emptiness. What I say as emptiness is because, it seems same everywhere u see and untouched towns and cities that lack interest and without trees it makes harder the travel on day time without switch on to A/C. I acknowledge the development of NH’s make easy and smooth driving for those travels often and who’re in time to reach, and accident free, but for me who loves traveling, NH carries nothing interesting for about sitting simple for hours. I also not forget to appreciate the NH’s authorities for bringing down heaven to earth by constructing these huge platforms for vehicles and wonder elsewhere looking at its building.

Waiting at the railway gate for minutes to pass the train with enthusiastic and in meantime tasting something from the window side vendors, who rushes in seeing our vehicles being stopped are one or few things that irritates then is out of sight, and we get nothing much in favor to see and know something from today’s NH. The roads are wider, clean and narrow; and the plants planted on the center corridors help reducing the head aches and dark eyesight due to the flashing against vehicles. Those are days we get to sense the changing atmosphere and nature while traveling, and within closed window and not much to observe, the traveling set to a mood of cool darkness. Compared to NHs, I go with SHs (State highways) even it was single lane and highly threaten and little more shadows; and these NH helps people who’re destination freak and who’re fates to live inside, thus every move has something different.
My favorite Scorpio
My favorite Black Scorpio, taken in pollachi guest house.
Even I chose to be unfavorable about the late NHs; I understand the need of best NHs and connecting cities and towns easily and welcome people for a pleasant ride I was traveling to pollachi last month and most of the roads that lead were NHs and the road from Chennai till Ulundurpet was very smooth and fine, and though we had to cutting Salem, we kept back the velocity and somewhere on this stretch I could see black smokes arriving through the ventilation towers of sugar factories on an active Monday morning.

There are toll gates that come as huge speed barkers at every certain km to collect money and many people blame these gates in impatience as if they’re bill gates having hat full of work. People told me to tie a political flag in front of the car; so that these gates will open freely, but I told clearly that I won’t climb the car if someone does like that. I have wondered like everyone, looking back the pristine roads and streets of foreign countries and when we experience something similar we have to be supportive and not make deceive. I feel it’s worth paying attention to these toll gates for a peace, pleasant, safe and fast journey in time and distance.
Karthik’s home
Karthik's home in Salem. There karthik's mom,my mom -holding maya, grandma and dad.
I think back there’s nothing much interesting to describe about traveling in NHs and the road lead to Salem was under construction and there are many ups and downs shifting back. There’re no memories about visiting this city more than a decade ago, the hills surrounded Salem is quite busy even at heavily strikes noon and we passed a street alike T.Nagar in Chennai. There’s much difference in food compared to Salem and Chennai and other places, as we pay more and get less in Chennai, thus we pay less and get much as food.
1008 Lingam temple
1008 Lingam temple, near Salem
There was a warm smile welcome us into their home in Salem against the sunshine and it was karthik’s mom whom waiting for us at her gateway and we spent sometime and left with a cup of cool drinks. It was again the NH’s and on the way came the 1008 lingam temple, where it’s under construction on a hillock near Kanjamalai and temple is belong to Vinayaka mission, a private education institute. The temple was wonderful to see from the road with hills at background. It was a coincident to face the sunset again this time passing through tirupur and it was another crimson sun.

It was turning down to sunshine and dimness emerges as we’re heading towards pollachi and it was stars like spread across the landscape, where the lights of windmills glow to silent movement. At last reach the pollachi gust house and hand felt asleep as soon spreading across the limbs after dinner.
Windmills of pollachi
Well we continue in another post.


Anya said...

Hi Jeevan

You highways looking beautiful
and safe !!
Cool car .. I have also a jeep model :))))
And my car is also black no mine its dark metalic grey ... :-)

Maya nice to see you today !!
My cute white woof woof friend
Hugs from Kareltje =^.^= for maya

Unique temple Jeevan
(I never seen a temple in real :(
Looks so great architecture ..

Enjoy your evening

V Rakesh said...

Brilliant as ever! I enjoy your travelogues!

Priya said...

Absolutely beautiful. I saw those lingas too on my from Salem last year when I was in India. Roads are too good ther.

Kavi said...

Wonderful to see and lovely snaps. Look forward to the next snaps..

Rajesh said...

Beautiful shots. I agree with you that travelling on NH is boring now. I badly miss the trees on either side of the road very badly. Development at what cost?

starry said...

Really awesome pictures and I love the narration.Maya is cute too,maybe because she has my daughters name.

Sakthivel said...

Crystal Clear Photos.....Great work jeevan.....Write more informations about hills stations in tamilnadu......

cyclopseven said...

I understand your lamentation about the highways there. Highways helps to save travel time, comfortable travel, increased safety and become economic boomers with better transportation of raw materials from one town to another, 'trespassing' ancient and scenic villages along the way. All these at a cost. Good write Jeevan.

Babli said...

Wonderful description about Pollachi with beautiful and superb photos. As always your post is brilliant. Couple of weeks before I have visited 1008 Lingam temple near Salem and I was surprised to see it. Really its amazing to see such a unique temple. I have been to Pollachi about 5 years before. Enjoyed your post very much as I was thinking about my trip.

Dawn....सेहर said...

Another story with pictures :) Amazing Jeevan! I loved it.
Good to see your family :) my regards to all!
I enjoyed the journey through your words and pictures :) waiting for the next post

Cheers and God Bless You dear

krystyna said...

Dear Jeevan,
I always visit your site with great pleasure. I like your writing style, the way you convey information and feelings, and I can tell you that your pictures are wonderful!
Thanks to you I can see and learn much about your beautiful country.

Have a beautiful day!

Babli said...

If time permits please visit my blogs and I am sure you will like these posts.

Deepak Acharya said...

oh windmills there ? Great ! I also liked the temple