Friday, March 05, 2010


Leaving back memories, the house bird sparrows flew far away and become a rare species in cities. There are days as child trying to catch the sparrows that often visit our balconies and sometimes they built there hay nest in space within pillars and sewage pipes. It’s so nice seeing those small sparrows, sitting in a line on the cable wires that pass across the streets and pierce to feed grain left over the balcony.

Today I see sparrows that are two times larges than those similar ones in light brown and grayish color with tiny beaks. There sweet twitters are something lost reflecting in ears that I can’t recall back in memories. Turn over of large trees and green space into skyscrapers and concrete floors, and lose of time in human to feed grains, the birds drew away from city.
Sparrows are some species survive along human habitation and what all affect us reflects in them and thus the change in lifestyle and passion disturbed there dwelling. Even in late 90s sparrows were spread across in city independently and it was very short in time and period they went invisible almost. They always pick there place for nesting is inside or at the entrance of homes, storehouses and elsewhere people residing. In villages, people tie a bunch of paddy at there home entrance to treat the little birds the grains and to help nesting.

I find some sparrows in valparai surviving along the people dwelling and a sparrow had nested above the shutter of a musical store in a bustle road, where they wander freely and friendly with people at stretching hands end. I wished then I had few of them around my place. Then one morning, I saw a lonely sparrow sitting on a flower pot in the front yard of Solaiyar house and later when I check the capture, the background came in as a surprise with the curved lane of the Sholayar dam. These birds are small, and shares very small space in our neighbor and thinking about them is nostalgia.


Anya said...

Hi Jeevan

Very interesting
thanks for your information :-)
We have also to many sparrows
in Europe !!
(We say in Dutch not sparrow but ~ Mus ~ :-)

Do you know this children song:

♬ ♪♬ I am only a little sparrow
A bird of low degree
My life is of little value.. ♬ ♪♬

(more text I can not remember ;(

Have a nice weekend
((hugs)) from us

V Rakesh said...

Wow! A very interesting post! These little fellas have forever enthralled me with their behaviour and community spirit!

Sadly, today, their numbers are much lesser - thanks to a lot of electrostatic hum in the air due to mobile/internet/telephony systems!

Kavi said...

It takes to an eye to the eye the bird ! :) You have a very keen eye jeevan ! Well done !

starry said...

Interesting facts about the sparrows.nice pictures.

krystyna said...

It is really a wonderful depiction - world of our small bird friends.
I really like to watch the life of birds, and sparrows have been accompanying me since my childhood.
Thanks Jeevan for a beautiful post and beautiful pictures.

In Poland there are many nice songs about sparrows also.

Have a relaxing and nice weekend!

Babli said...

Very nice, sweet and interesting post. I am very much fond of birds. I was having Java birds long time back and used to see their activities. You have written very nicely about sparrows. I love to watch the birds how they built the house by bringing one by one small stick holing by beak and its really amazing to see how they take care of their little babies. I appreciate for the beautiful pictures taken by you. Its difficult to take pictures of sparrows as they do not sit in one place for a long time but you have taken patience to capture it. This is one of your best post.

Rajesh said...

Wonderful shots. These have already become rare birds and I hardly see them in my place.

Jeevan said...

Anya – Thank you and we call it kuruvi in Tamil :) U know, coming March 20th is World House Sparrow Day!

Rakesh – Thank you. So true, and we need to save these birds and like sparrows there are also some species around us to teach lessons without books.

Kavi – Thanks buddy, we all need an eye open on these bird’s survival to save.

Starry – Thanks dear, its nice having u here after long time.

Krystyna – Thanks dear. Being similarly myself, I regret if today’s or tomorrows children will have these birds to get accompanied! It wasn’t a bad weekend and glad to sense spring.

Babli – You are right, we need much patience and time to capture sparrows, for a clear and better picture. Thanks for u r appreciation babli. Nice to know u had such birds, even we had lovebirds and pigeons long back. I always keep an eye around my place for birds and listen to there twitter and try to whistle like them. I was also trying to make noise like hornbill, after listing to few nights in anaimalai :)

Rajesh – Thank you. There’re people who don’t like to come along with us, but there are these birds we drive them away.

Pandian.B.aravindhan said...

aravindhan- Mr jeeva u r a indian sephen hawking read everything u will get a divine some day.Balajiaravindhan,(Ag.)