Thursday, May 13, 2010

An attempt in gardening

home garden
(click pictures for enlarge)
I was wishing to have some flowing plants lately and were waiting sometime to head nursery to purchase the saplings. On Monday we visited a nursery on ECR to buy some rose plants and others, and brought half a dozen plants and pot and arranged it on the terrace that evening. The nursery has much rose plants that looks alike arranged for a flower show and the place itself looks greener. The red hibiscus was much striking and has an away look and structure in flower.
Nursery Roses
(clicked at nursery)
lovely bud
( first bud yet to bloom after arriving home)
We bought Kashmir and button roses, hibiscus, and jasmine and honey plant. I’m much interested looking at the buds to bloom and watering the plants and seeing the beauties is peace and pleases to mind and thus waiting to see how colorful it could turn my eyes in near future. It was something my dream of having a garden in home and I’m eager for more colorful flowers in pots to fill my surrounding.
Red hibiscus
(a striking red hibiscus in the nursery and a moth resting on its petal)
While turning back home, we went to beach and it was deserted as well it was sun shining still to inverse the crowd. As we parked the vehicle near the water body, after long time I was seeing the waves crashing the shore, where the local boys having fun in water. There are families too playing in the water while beating the striking sun and the high tides that trying hard to rise ashore. It was the day after the tsunami warning went across the ocean due to underwater earthquake in Indonesia and it was something to see how deserted our beaches are that haven’t been closely before.


Anya said...

Hi Jeevan
Lovely flowers
I didn't now they will grow in such a hot country ..... LOL
Its here raining cats & dogs
my roses are ugly from the bad weather :(
Don't forget to give the flowers water :))

Have a nice weekend

Anya said...

I forgot
so so lovely sea shot :)))))


krystyna said...

I really like working in the garden - I have very, very little garden.
Each plant planted delights not only the eye but gives a positive relationship with Nature.
Your photos are fantastic, as always. First pic is my favorite because of this combination: concrete wall ... and plants.
Last year I had two red hibiscuses, they were beautiful.

Take care, dear Jeevan!

Kavi said...

Lovely ! Keep at it !

The Tsunami scare was some scare indeed !

Dawn....सेहर said...

How sweet :) That reminds me of our visit to the nursery and we bought so many flowers and fruit trees... :)
I love gardening it gives me immense peace :)
Even the waves on the seashores...its like meditation for me :)
Keep up the good work dear friend :)

Deepak Acharya said...

Wonderful my friend !