Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Immersion depiction

Being late to write about, thought The Ganesh Chturthi was celebrated with delight everywhere to commemorate their faith and happiness just by sharing with others in whatever manner, the day was much delighted by varies cuisines and TV programs or visiting the nearby ones and looking out the procession that went on our street end Ganesh temples in evening. It wasn’t necessary for us to take the clay idol to the sea and been following the system of immersing in a bucket for last few years, got dipped into the water that evening get dissolved in morning to pour into our flower pots.
Ganesh immersion 2010
The university quarters beach, which is one we go often in palavakkal was suppose to be quiet and somehow clean, had turned louder and unclean like a market area, where things thrown everywhere to look dislike and different. There were countless water packets throughout the street that led beach thought me about the day’s weather and dry throats that quench their loud voice in immense joy and uncertain faith. The procession does sounds hard to separate it from the mortal one to the moral of the event and thus there were loudspeakers, bands and drums strikes with certain in time by time.

Each god has a vehicle in species to mention like mouse for Ganesha and peacock for Murugan but there’s one vehicle that almost used by gods in the procession was the small elephant (china yaanai), what people locally call the Tata Ace. The vehicles were kept on entering and exit the beach constantly, which is one of the three places that chosen for immersion in Chennai, where the university beach is allot for south and suburb and each vehicle hold a banner from where the idol comes. This time we couldn’t go near the beach as there were strict police protection and so we stopped nearby and watched the procession.
delighted idol step 3
The police have the reason to not alloy us particularly inside the beach road as we own back Scorpio which the enthusiastic devotees would think black as oppose color and thus could create problem. Later mom went on foot to collect some immersion pictures for me to see and the fireworks displayed in evening causes a lustrous series of fire and joy as the immersion came to close. The crowds drip as soon everything is over and shattered the remaining clay idols and else everywhere. In-between I were amaze to the glimpse of today’s rare species, the house sparrows, to crisp and intend flips their tiny wings urged me to instant fix the nest box at home, which I want to do for some time now.

gold coconut tree


Ash said...

Beautiful post. Belated Ganesha Chathurthi....

Hope you're doing well Jeevan!

V Rakesh said...

I didn't know Tamil Nadu had so much fervour in the immersion part!

krystyna said...

I felt the atmosphere of this festival.....
you have described it beautifully.
And photos are amazing.
they reflect a vivid, natural strength of this event
and of nature.

Thank you Jeevan for sharing!

Babli said...

Wonderful post. Its always a great excitement when the festival arrives and we all feel sad when it gets over. I liked the Ganesha idol, the second picture very much.

Kavi said...

A core western India thing has come to become a mainstay deep down in the south as well !

hmm !

Jeevan said...

Ash – Thank you and nice to see u again. yes, I am doing fine and hope u too dear :)

Rakesh – they do buddy, but it does not publically get much attention here.

krystyna – Thanks so much dear and for continue in blog:)

Babli – That’s nature about the festival events. Thanks buddy!

Kavi – true friend!

Rajesh said...

Beautiful shots of the festival.
This is my favorite festival that brings lot of joy. This is an occasion for family get together.

Anna said...

Jeevan, it is so nice to see people following traditions. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this event, beautiful images, and now I learned something new. Anna :) PS always appreciate your visits to my blog.