Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pets, need or not?

There is a talk show (Neeya Naana) in TV on every Sunday, which takes a topic weekly and discuss. It’s one of an interesting and best known show telecast in television, and last Sunday the debate was about those who want pets and those don’t want, argued with a reason.

What made the show special was the debate that’s very similar to what is happening in our very home and those opposed to have pets expressed what’s in my mind and recorded their voice in our means. Whoever followed the show would truly agree that whatever kept against having pets causes a lot of trouble which much isn’t cared by the pet owners and their only wish is to have pets! Being a pet home come person, I hit the very trouble everyday from her (Maya) and not alone I; even my parents and visitors get disturbed from the prime reason as barking at everything. In case there is cat or lizard on the wall, we can’t stop her from barking until they are driven away and most of all she never shut her mouth if a child is visiting home. And because of this, no child in the apartment comes near our home and just takes the backyard route to reach their homes, which is adjacent to our block.

Just like everyone, I love kids and there are many kids in our apartment, and since the scare of maya we miss the joy of children at our doorstep. When maya was pup, all the children would gather at our home in amaze and to play with her and much before, the children used to visit our home to play with our visiting uncles kids.

Except very few, no one could cross our home with no bark from her when she is tied to the gate and many of them pass in hesitation whether the dog is tied or not nor gate closed. I quite realize what we cause is a state of fear and interrupting their independence to move freely in their own apartment and creating noise. I feel so bad of the situation that I couldn’t do anything to stop this cause that create by our pet, except expressing my distress and oppose to have pet in such circumstance esp. in an apartment. The bro who brought the dog home and refused to give back and not realizing the situation, ignores the opponent and I would say the people in our apartment are very nice to not to complain about the dog and the immense noise.

Just being four of us, we can’t leave the pet anywhere and it never stayed without us, esp. she needs mom and for me there isn’t a travel without both my parents and we need to think a lot before going out anywhere and the bro who is lately ignoring in taking care of the dog, adds burden to mom’s work, but he don’t want to give the pet. Sometimes I get irritate and anger because of such irresponsible people like him, where I see many in the talk show, who don’t seems like giving much importance to mans feeling and just concern at their passion and love on dogs. There were many in the show blamed the people for being scare or not liking dogs attitude. I wonder how few people could be unmindful about others feeling and only showcase their desire for dogs.

Having pets might cause happiness and give satisfaction to mind and act as a close associate, but overall have a pet isn’t a easy thing and we need to sacrifice a lot in maintaining and taking care of their needs and being sure about others security . Having pets isn’t wrong and I’m never against it since having one in home, but we need a right situation to console everyone from causing crisis. For example ‘we are not in a situation to have a pet, as my parents are not capable of handling even myself, the dog has come as a burden to them and pets are something interesting, fun and loving only when we’re enough to handle the situation and relax to spend time and take care of them.

Not every wish get exist or completed! So wish to have pets quite depends on situation and its unfavorable for a family alike us, that’s not well enough to support a life physical and someone who’s truly depend on their parents who can’t sustain much. More than thinking about myself I always think about others and never what to give any trouble to anybody, but still I can’t bear it since I’m supported by someone, which might cause trouble to them. Again I like to say, having pets isn’t wrong and those love to have pets should think a lot and discuss with others such as house members, neighbors (if those in apartment should think serious about the crisis and almost try to avoid having pets) and close relations those visit often.

I think those go for dogs aboard or the fair ones are particularly just for show and those who are totally in love and passion for dogs could easily go on anything from country dogs. I wonder how many of them still have and go for the famous country breed Rajapalaiam! This is something shows people are more interested on fair breeds, and I don’t say it is wrong, but seeing dogs as a display dolls and just for amusement alone should change and if we treat and feed dogs rightly they are our best friends and if we train properly they are our lifesavers. The intention of having dogs should be love and reliable and not causing trouble!


V Rakesh said...

For me, a pet is very essential and always a very integral part of my family. So far, all of my life, I've had pets and they have taught me a number of things such as compassion, an attitude for caring, patience and love, just to mention a few!

I cannot imagine a life without pets, for my pet is truly my best friend, in many ways my soulmate!

Jeevan said...

Rakesh. Pets have been even coming along my life too, and those were country and street dogs and they never gave trouble to us and we have seen them lost badly to speeding vehicle and lost to situation. There was a dog called mani and we were growing it from pup and when we moved home, it settled at my grandma’s home and I have never seen a dog such loving and caring for us. it cause a great distress we me missed him last diwali. It went somewhere to the sound of crackers and it was old and ill bound and we still don’t know what happen to him.

Everyone wish to have pets, but the situation is not always same as us and when someone don’t understand it and bring a dog to home cause trouble.

Rajesh said...

Very interesting debate. This takes place in every house. Kids are for the pets,, while grown-ups are against.

Kavi said...

a pet grows up in a life like a kid ! it needs all the attention that a kid needs !


starry said...

A very interesting topic, I think pets need the care just as children do.and if you have the time and resource to take care of a pet you should do so.It is not fair to get a pet and just not care for it .I do not have a pet because I know I will not be able to look after it the way I should.How are you Jeevan,thanks for stopping by and saying hello.