Saturday, January 08, 2011

Beyond the end

Following the Big Temple visit we moved to an Amman temple, naming ‘Punnainallur Mariamman’ which seems so renowned and a older one in Thanjavur and somehow 7km from big temple. It was also a big temple, occupying a lot of space outside the temple with rows of shops sheltered by cement roof sheets. I wasn’t interested by going inside the temple and not knowing a wheel chair could enter freely, but nice to see the temple itself provides wheel chair and being non able to avoid the parent’s force I went inside. It’s been a very long time I entered an Amman temple, after a lot of time accompanying mom in scholar days, it sense something strange for me.
Orange Geiger for u
The temple’s outlook wasn’t charming and having a certain tower, the interiors are similar like inside a mosque with green gray tiles for floor and rows of pillars and pials to discuss. Cousin and I just went a quick round inside the temple and came out and waited for parents to complete their vision. We see many people coming here with their new and old vehicles to conduct rituals and decorate the front phase with garlands which reflects in our vehicle also. It was early night when we left the temple and went to hotel and checked with govt. guest house as the hotel bears some steps to climb, we are glad by hap to get accommodation and leaving grandparents in the hotel room since we had paid, we moved into the guest house which is on the other bank of the branch Cauvery river.
beautiful bungalow
The room was very spacious to accommodate 5 of us and pretty cool due to blowing a/c and through it was comfortable, slumber was something struggled. The other day we wake up leisurely and I went out to see the guest house has a beautiful garden and quiet neat environment to attract me seemingly. There was the Geiger tree (also known as Cordial Sebestena or Scarlet Cordial) to bloom in pretty orange was down to earth from its clusters and it was so nice capturing the vivid flower hold it to hand. The garden was very green with little footbridges and very small canals painted in white and blue indicating the house belongs to PWD. Few meters away flows the Cauvery wholly caressing the banks of river which’s floating was well alike the backwaters of Kerala. Even there wasn’t heavy rain derives from the season by then, the least to overflow canals gaze me in happiness. It was the overall feeling from the tour to Thanjavur.
mom and dad in front of guest house garden
It might come to a conclusion here, but the memories would last ever and the excitement of visiting the big temple and come across the district will always remain in mind and cheer to go around another round in near future. The many places I have been visiting in 2010 and memories that are more enough still pending and with the arrival of New Year and lately events, I wanted to complete the current ones in time before going in to a leisure depict about the past experience and memories. Thank you!


Kavi said...

Seems to have been a great trip and Tanjore is a fun place to go to ! So much of history and religion in there !

Great ! Thanks for sharing

krystyna said...

Jeevan, I really like your style of writing. You write in interesting way and what is interesting.
I also love your pictures. All.
And with the flowers you do master shots.
I wonder obout this beautiful tree with beautiful flowers and even fruits.
How they taste?

Thanks for sharing.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Ah, refreshing! Thanks for sharing this!

Rajesh said...

I had been to Big Temple. But not to this temple. It is good to know about it.

Deepak Acharya said...

nice shots Jeevan

Sonia said...

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