Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Harvesting

Pongal, as we all know it is a harvesting festival celebrated across India in various names and one among it is renowned as Sankranti. Though the festival is celebrated in various forms according to states culture and tradition it commonly signifies the harvest and Maker Sankranti marks the transition of the Sun into Capricorn on its celestial path.

Today the harvesting process has taken various stages in development and machineries taking over the man power in reducing his stress and to increase the productivity. Though we are advanced in technology somehow and somewhere we are still poor in productivity and many people are lacking for essential commodities to harvest and cultivate.

The harvesting is not an easy process like we proceed in Farmville and it need lot of patient and care before going for harvest in time. Thought I am not well aware about the process which could be simple and yet easy we need to feed the seeds and irrigate properly in time before they go dry completely or flooded with water to decay almost, but these days nature has changed irregularly to affect the food productivity that witness in inflation.

Not alone the process has changed; even there are no lands to increase the cultivation to feed the increasing population that taking place the lands to constructions and real-estates. Though we still have enough lands to cultivate grains and vegetables the interest among farmers have reduced to give prior to farming more than seeking for a settlement and questioning why we need to work hard when all comforts goes to citizens living in cities?

I am not intend to talk about the causes that affects in inflation or farming but thinking about the festival the things come automatically in comfort and we couldn’t think any more on this time than farming and harvesting which is the concept of this festival. Though we all have thoughts about farming and want to see it saved from the causes that affect the productivity, the non proper price fixed for seeds and grains produce the trouble among farmers and dwellers who affected by the high rise in price and money.

The Pongal is less than a day ahead and thinking that we are thanksgiving the nature and famers and livestock’s that support us to nourish and survive healthy, I feel so content and happy. The mood of festival cheering me the times thinking about Pongal, which I see it as the best among festival celebrating the harvest. On this occasion I wish that more youngsters come into the field of farming to help our poor farmers and save our future that truly depend on farming.
pongal greeting
Here I go with my Pongal greetings that I designed the latter days and it’s always pleasure to greet with our own depict on thoughts and feeling and it’s been sometime I created greetings that I send to my cousins and I brought one of if here to greet u all a very Happy Harvesting festival of joy, peace, happiness and reliance between relationships esp. friendship...

There are two more cards in flickr here and here.


Devika said...

Happy Pongal, Jeevan :)


Priya said...

Wishing you a very Happy Pongal Jeevan.

Lakshmi said...

happy pongal jeevan

vishesh said...

Einiya pongal nalvhathukal :D

geeth said...

Great description..
Happy Ponggal to you and all at home!

Anonymous said...

thangaLukkum thangaLai chaarndhavargaLukkum yenadhu thai thirunaaL vaazthukkaL/vanakkangaL :)

I really liked the post and how you have hit the concept of its origin/significance despite its being referred to by different names. I also liked the paragraph where you compared "Farmville" with real farming; true most people think farming is a romantic job. In reality, it is hard but essential.

cyclopseven said...

Yen iniya ponggal nalvalztukal. I love the ponggal greeting Jeevan. Superb.

Anya said...

I Wish you and your whole family
a very Happy Pongal :-)

Enjoy !!!!

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Jeevan said...

Thank you all for your wishes on Pongal :)