Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Heritage Rally 2011

Vintage cars at rally
The Chennai-Pondicherry Heritage Rally 2011 inaugurated at VGP Universal Kingdom on 8th January was a remarkable display of vintage cars. I always wish to check such a rally which reaches me only after it held somewhere in the city and come to my sight through the TV and newspapers. Thankfully this time the newspaper carried an advertisement in advance so that I make it sure to check the vintage cars and rally.

I wake up early to not miss the chance and made a wakeup call to my cousin and got ready along with mom. We geared up at home and reached the venue in time before the rally was suppose to flag off but being postponed an hour from the actual time we had much time checking the vintage cars which are less than 40 and arranged neatly at radiant colors.
Austin classic
A well modified jeep that stands in front of the venue was pretty added to the show and being an 4x4 enthuse I was attracted by it and wanna go a ride in it. First we parked the vehicle outside to check whether vehicles are allowed inside, and we are glad to go nearby by parking the car inside to check our vehicles ancestors and the way they are maintained and polished looks awesome.
Mercedes Benz 190SL
The cheerleaders sweeping the air with colorful pompoms and dressed in short and sweet and shaking to the vibrant of drum beats promotes the show with a charm and smile and makes fun by coming across every vehicle. Getting the whole picture of the vehicles wasn’t easy since more people visiting the event and getting nearby to flash themselves and few owners allow others to check inside the vehicle and most of them are closed windows.
The vehicles are all belong to vintage category and the dodge brothers was one of the oldest on the display and there are countable Morris and number of similar vehicles belong to various companies. The Mini Cooper, Fiat 125 S, V W beetle and Thing and Jaguar are very different and fun looking vehicles and overall I like the Austin which is small like an auto and the classic one with a royal look! (place the mouse on pictures to know the car names)
Benz Tourer
The cars are vintage and old, but the visitors are more youngsters and children coming around the vehicles interestingly and wearing up trendy. The other attractions of the show was two little kids who were so photogenic and carries a smart pose for pictures but only we couldn’t get it in right way. Two participants accompany with their Labradors, who were seems scare to the drumbeats and bark with a roar later went a breeze ride on one of the topless vehicle.
dodge brothers
I thought will all these vehicles run up the compete rally and live up to its name and energy, but the rally flags off by the special guest (DGP Letika Saran) at last proves these vehicles are no less to others in speeding and attracting in style. We left the venue in advance and went further to check how these vintage cars carry themselves on roads by parking somewhere on the road side, and the rally wasn’t constant to follow either and the vehicles where racing like Ferraris to click somehow motion pictures.

Overall it was a fantastic journey across vintage cars and each vehicle is a model for everyone how to maintain a vehicle however old they are. In a situation of buying cars in mind of resale values… these vehicles are invaluable before money!

MG - TD 1953
(Check for some more vintage cars set here)


Devika said...

Not a 'car' person...but nice photos, Jeevan...seems you had a good time :)


anupama said...

Dear Jeevan,
Happy Republic Day!
A wonderful read with all the amazing photos!
Keep writing!It's a great stress buzzer!
Wishing you a beautiful evening,

Kavi said...

Remarkable ! Thanks for sharing. Its always very inspiring to see stuff like this !


Anya said...

Hi Uncle jeevan

Thank you very much
for your Birthday wishes :-)

Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

Jeevan very cooooool cars
all so special and old :-)
and also good looking cheerleaders

V Rakesh said...

Wow! Super kool! Thanks so much for sharing this! Made my day! ;-)

Deepak Acharya said...

I enjoyed them thoroughly.... :)

ashok said...

I love vintage cars too...

Rajesh said...

Beautiful cars. I love them.