Thursday, February 03, 2011

Aadukalam (playfield)

Based on the story of traditional cockfight the movie has some enchanting moments of cock fights which causes an excitement about which one defeats other. The first half carried off through the competitions between two cock fighter teams involving traditionally into the plot once got vigor to clash with cocks to showcase who’s is top in this prior and one end up winning the match with an envy within themselves which crack up in the next half with ego, jealous and provoke to rule the field.
There is no better field to showcase this south Indian traditional game that nearly belongs to Madurai and the Aadukalam had done something to the dying game to cause an interest and deliver a special feeling for cocks. Danush as one who let go cocks into the cockpit had well suited the roll except for his low voice modulation and unclear dialogue which seems necessary for his character to drop us in need and Tapsee as his girlfriend light the movie through her appearance which seems somewhat shady. Anywhere she resembles latter heroines of Mumbai.

I must say something about the director Vetrimaran who interests me through his speech in a talk show and the way he picks up the plot was very different and I liked his latter movie for using a Bike (Bajaj Pulsar) as a main asset and holding the cockfight this time he resembles again being distinct. Except couple of identified faces many characters portray the essence of nativity and esp. the old man who renowned as Vettaikaran (hunter) does a great job supporting the suspense (even apparent) till last and arrogant become very nature to him.

To talk about songs and music, it comes along the movie wherever it needs and doesn’t take part particularly the movie to boredom or slow pace. The Yathea yathea song was lovable while listening... The background score for certain moments are superb and cause an energy perhaps the effort taken for cockfights which somehow seems like graphics was the best part of the movie and we couldn’t appreciate quite which has its part of discrimination and unfair feeling among characters dilute consequence.

Perhaps the movie is a welcome move towards south with a caught of cockfights and the treatment given to it to the outcome result which means something... The government has restricted these cockfights certain and a proper permission is request to hold it despite the aggravations comes from those working against animals being agonizing.


Kavi said...

The film is set in Madurai ! that interests me big deal !


Anna said...

Jeevan excellent review of the movie. It is amazing how different cultures develop interesting sports, yet something I wouldn't want to be involved, but then we humans do it ourselves too - boxing, wrestling etc. Thanks for sharing, and by the way thank you so much for visiting my blog, always appreciate your visit. Anna :)

venus66 said...

The songs are beautiful.

Rajesh said...

Interesting review of the movie.

Sree said...

Nice review there. I am actually looking forward to watch this movie, hopefully soon.

But, I must say that I'm loving the songs.... Yathe Yathe and Ayyayayo are simply beautiful!

Steffi said...

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