Saturday, February 05, 2011


A life had gone no one could bring back and what I request is at least stop humiliating. It’s news about a college student who committed suicide in Chennai because being disgraced by her teachers suspecting her to be stolen money from her classmate. The news published and comes to everyone’s attention and the teachers were arrested after a group of protesters highlighted to issue in front of the college.

But things never stopped there... the newspapers highlight the news everyday with its progress mentioning about the girl being shamed. What an intense cause could feel the dear ones who repeated to review the disgrace conveyed by the newspaper which could be something more than being lost her.

I condemn such act the media continue to handle esp. the Tamil newspapers and there way of describing the incident as if they had witnessed is worse. Whether or not such a treatment given by teachers should be condemnable and they are our responsible creator of a better future and whoever unveils the secret without their permission should be contempt to crime.

We have the law and the thing we need is courage to fight the battle... one can easily point finger on others and we never know are they enough to bear the critic to sustain and this is something that stops us from blaming others even they are suspect. A life is indeed important even they commit mistake or done something wrong.


Preetilata【ツ】 said...

it's a shame on us. the whole of humanity get disgraced every single day. these days one's life has become so cheap. and these media groups definitely worsens the situation., a sh it'a pity, a shame that what journalism has become.

cyclopseven said...

It is a most pathetic thing we can hear or see nowadays. People have lost their sense of discrimination, understanding and patience. Filled with hatred and revenge many going around doing such things, thinking they are doing justice. And, we don't have to tell about press people, because whatever oath they may have taken before becoming a journalist or reporter, are now obscured by intense selfishness to sensationalized little things just for the sake of name and fame. No room for proper investigation are allowed prior to anything. Everything done based on assumptions, and investigation comes just to complete the case. If at all she has done that, please investigate why she did such a thing. Lecturers, teachers and educational authorities must always remember that they are around to help to nurture the tender souls for a better future of a nation, and not to handle things whimsically.

I am really appalled to see how the world treating accused individuals at all level in the society. A person's dignity must be of prime importance compared to anything else.

Jeevan, you highlighted the issue well.

cyclopseven said...

They are still some good press people, teachers and lecturers around, but most the time, their silence renders a boon for the vengeful and selfish ones to be merry:)

Kavi said...

Everyone has to take responsibility ! Media has to play a very important part.. !

I hope everybody sees it well.

V Rakesh said...

Responsible journalism - Is the way forward to an acceptable social structure that will be conducive for living.

Rajesh said...

Very true, what has happened is sad. But the media looks at everything to create a sensational news. They are only worried about who scores the point on this count.

Ash said...

Disgrace indeed.