Friday, February 25, 2011


The indication has been blinking for some time and giving minute trouble while opening the windows and rarely give away to call the service bro to open the window reached its conclusion on Wednesday by testifying my patient to work with a monitor that 11 years old. Many reached me with the idea to change the monitor and some agreed with the clarity, clearance and wonderful resolution that content me to go with the monitor forever unless it refuse to work or loss its charm and beauty that bear my sight so far.
New LCD monitor
Brought in 2000, it has been accompanying me until day before yesterday has leant to learn so many things regarding reading, writing, sharing, viewing, drawing… through its screen and enduring the strain we gave to it immense operating. I went oh no attitude when the window screen shrunk after a constant vibration that interrupt my work sign it’s gonna suffer to die doesn’t reach my mind then and later causing a melting odor to shutdown quite.

It might have gone already if the product wasn’t good or we didn’t take care of it and amazing it never get into trouble or deliver a problem to get service and withstand the quality in its standard and smart resolution towards ending. Being patient has given me a best opportunity now to review things refreshingly and newly through the new LCD 18.5” monitor to disclose clearly the beauty across overseas and giving a content feeling of viewing the high resolution unlike ever.

The Samsung’s CRT monitor has been the best performer for me so far among the electronic items purchased which let me go for Samsung products such as LED TV and now the LCD monitor, cause a hope that it would continue to be so as so far for me.

Have a great weekend buddies!


Rajesh said...

Hey! new monitor looks great.

V Rakesh said...

Looks awesome! Have a blast pal!

Eden said...

That's a pretty monitor.

Have a great day always.

Jeevan said...

Thanks you all! Welcome here eden :)

Dawn....सेहर said...

As time changes we have to change and adapt the new things that's coming along our way Jeevan :-)! I am sure you will enjoy it as you play around with it :-)
Very nice pictures...some of them really touched where the kids are jumping in the water from top...I used to live near NDA Khadakwasla Pune Dam....which used to provide most of the water to the entire Pune city :-)
Nicely written - keep it up